Bloggin’ While Blind. Trust Me Kids. A Sailor Always Finds a Way to Improvise! And God Bless Kathy Trout in HGHS: My ‘Typing Teacher’

She Taught Me How To ‘Touch-Type’

Only Thing I ‘Learned’ In HS That Was ‘Worth-A-Shit’ To Learn. Typing Class, Day One:

“F Space–J Space”

Introduction To Typing.

The Simple Solution is Usually The Best solution


Keep it Simple Stupid!

(US Navy Taught me That)


Case in Point:

If’n One Pair Don’t Suffice, use two!

An aside: Do Girls Make Passes at Boys who wear Glasses?

Sure do Hope So!

Otherwise my once and future sex-life is properly fu*ked!

Glasses Greatly Increase the Magnitudes Dudes!

My Life Shall Always Find a Way!


Ain’t Nothin’ on This Planet Gonna Bring me down!

Blind, Drunken Idiots

Love ’em!

Since I am a Card-Carrying Member of

Their Brotherhood

Preach It ZZ!

Wild Turkey Will Bite You–

Usually On Yer Ass


Doan Let it

Bring You Down!

“Come on down to the River of Sight”

Amazon dot com!

Fix me!

Send me these!

Neil. Fuk U!

I Hate You!


I think You’re the Greatest thing

Since Pre-Sliced Bread.




I Still Miss Her!

G’Damn Her!

Guess Ima Never Get Over Losing Her