What We Have Here… Failure To Communicate… WP is Far Beyond Stupid. “Frustration Nation”–This Is Where I Reside–There’s No Place Like Home

And Abide

It, It is Is Natural Disaster

Had a train, of thought, recently

About a Tale of Two Cities

Both Named Paris..

He went to Paris

And Scre”w Thar Poooch!


“Oh My Goodness!

We Got Ourselves a Natural Disaster”

Or A Failure to Communicate!

Oh and by the way, fuck spellin’ an’ The Punctuation Police


Self-Critique. I Have Noticed, Of Late, A Pattern, A Rather Disturbing Pattern, Developing In My Brain, –A Disturbing One. “Writing Writing Writing! Raw-Hide!”



Run & HIDE!

When I Re-Post An Old Post, I Always Begin By Saying,

“This Is A ‘Re-Post’”

Christ-On-A Cracker Lance!

Is THIS Necessary?

Survey Says

“NO To The Hell NO!”

I mean if you’ve seen it, you already know.

If you have not seen it.


It is Brand-New to you


I Am Gonna Change My Ways. This is My Promise. Hold Me To It—Call Me Out If I Waiver. I have already fallen off-that other-wagon.

I am bruised, but still not broken

Still Alive and I’ll Survive

Bloggin’ Bloggin’ Bloggin’


Yeah. That’s A Young Clint Eastwood

Good Eye If You Noticed.

If Not, I’ll Think About Forgiving You.


Don’t Try To Understand Him

Just Tie & Rope & Brand Him


Good Luck With That Effort

Catch Y’alls Later From The Bottom Of My Rabbit Hole

(Please Drop Down Some Booze From Time to Time)

Thanking Y’all In Advance

And Please, No ‘Top-Shelf Liquor.

Don’t Waste Your Money.

Mid-Shelf Will Suffice.

Thank You

Fly Me to the Moon. Sleepy after five minutes. Falling Asleep in my Chair. Stream of Un-Conscientiousness

Falling into that world that is, yet not is…

That Nether World,

Which Doesn’t Exist,

Save Only In-My-Dreams

And for Any of Y’all Who wish to ‘Edit’ Me:

To My Fallow Writer

In-Sane ‘O-Tics:

Just Don’t.

Do Not attempt to Edit the Insane.

That could only end Badly.


Fly Me

‘Ole Blue Eyes

Cred: Frankie… Duh



I am a moron.

Just how I roll.

Ninety-Nine Percent of my Best Prose Never sees the Light of My… My… My Computer.

It just floats about in my head.

Lost in That Somnambulistic State of Glorious Oblivious Glee…


When I am lying to me in me bed, I ‘write’ some very, very, Very Great Shite.

Alas, It don’t make it to the transmission point.

Once awake, It is Gone.


Note to self: Keep a pen an’ pad next to Your Bed.-Instead


Some of my Best Posts languish away in my nether sleep



Golden Slumbers

“You Never Give Me Your Money, Only Your Situation”

Cred for Vid: el perro beatle


Note to Land-Lady:

The Money is Coming

On Monday

You’ve Got to Give a Little. To Get A Little. Kindness is the Best Cure for all ills. Try It; It Works Like A Charm. Every Time.


Of course Glen was full of shit, Just Tanya Tucker

But I do love this song.


To get a little Kindness

Give a little of yer self…

Your reward??


Blogging philosophy:

Lance is Broken. Shit-A-Brick!: “Wonderful World of Worthy Writers.”


“Visit. Comment. (sincerely comment) Read. Read. Read. And Then Read some more.”

Then comment some more.

Rinse and repeat.

Then the folks will come.

Works ever’ time.

And… it’s good for the soul.

Good for Our Community of Souls, some lost, some found, and all manner of in between, but there are no more appreciative for time spent than writers / bloggers. 

So, therefore, Give a Little of Yourself to your lost and found, and searching fellow souls.

The Divine Miss ‘M’

Bette Midler – The Glory of Love

(We love her)

Thank You for your visit and for your time.

The DEVINE Miss M:

If I Have Already Re-Posted This And It O-Friends You, You Are Cordially Invited To Kiss My Azz, J/K! I Am NOT Well. I Do Not Feel So Swell… I Will Be Dying Very Soon. “Zen and the Art of Commentary Maintenance”

(With Apologies to Robert M. Pirsig)

Likes and Loves and Laughing Faces
Thumbs up Thumbs up
We’re off to the races!

A cheap thrill sensation
Brings joy and elation
With so much emoji
We’ll never be lonely

But cheap thrills ain’t lasting
Only forecasting
A sugary crash
Just a quick flash

It’s comments we want
No matter the font
Comments are golden
They fling the door open

Provide inspiration
Never inflation
True comments auspicious
And very propitious

Writers need feedback
Not smiley Prozac
If compelled to emoji
Don’t do that only

Take some small time
Drop a thin dime
Comment away
Make someone’s day


(Yeah, I actually wrote that shit above)

Back in the day when I used to be a ‘writer’.

Years and Beers & Tears ago…

Cred: BlondieMusicOfficial

I’m off to the Rodeo!

Catch Y’all On The Flip Flop!

Rodeo Song, by Garry Lee and the Showdown

Cred for Vid Share: Manosphere Environment