Sorry Joni; Step Aside. You Knew You’d Never be my Bride and This Day Would Eventually Come. I do harbor some remorse. How many years and tears and beers have we shared?

But Joni, There’s a New Kid/Gurl In My Town

Her Name is ‘Redacted’

“Redacted, Say Hidy to Joni.”

“Joni, say Hidy to Redacted.”

Shake hands… Do that. For me*

They ‘Snake’ Hands, whilst all the while,


Such is ‘Love, I suppose…

Daggers in their eyes…

Great! Now we can be friends!


“Hey Sailor, New in Town?”

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do!

Again, I am so sorry, but I must dump you. Linda Has Taken My Heart. Forever. And Not sure How Patsy weigh’d in on this, but she did. From her grave.

Happy Trails and I do hope you land well.

Vid Cred: I Have No Clue, But Thank You!

Been one Heluva ride tho, was it not?

I cannon look at this again… There is a Lisa, My Third, Story Buried deep in this song.

What went so horribly wrong?

It breaks my heart and hits too close to….

Never- Mind!

“She’s too many Women”

More Nails into this coffin: