Acquit Kyle!

The Lame-Stream Media is Trying to Railroad / Crucify The Kid for Exercising The Integral Right of Every Person in Our America: The Right to Self-Defense!

Makes Me Wanna


“Killer Kyle??!!”

Don’t Think So!

“Hero Kyle!”

More to the Truth


“The Beat of Black Wings”

They Call Me ‘Killer-Kyle’

Joni Mitchell

(Fun Fact If You don’t already know: The “Soldier” in the video is Joni–And to be honest, first time I watched it years ago, I didn’t catch that. I am somewhat slow on the up-take)

This is a RANT. Please Don’t READ. You Will Think Less of Me if You Do



“Clown News Network”

(Don Lemons. Fredo Cuomo)

I think Fredo used to suck his brother’s dick…

He probably still does.


Home of the Info Babes, with the fake tits.

(Yes! Yes! They are easy-on-the-eyes—I generally mute them and just drool)

“Fake News Channel”

Best thing FNC ever did is hire Lara Logan.

One of the bravest women in the world.

FNC gets some demerits deducted for hiring her.

60 Minutes gets my disdain for losing her–Fuk You CBS!

She is Top Shelf.

Before I continue…

These are the ones I admire and respect (Just to prove I do have a heart):


No explanation required, But Rachael Mad-Cow-Disease


“All ‘Bout Crap”


“Never Been Current” Not since Apollo Eleven…


“Crap Bullshit Station”



Thank God!


Like them.

Mark Dice?

Love him.

Critical Drinker?

I approve

Paul Joseph Watson?

“The Best Man Among Us”

John Ward?


Ricky Rebel?

Oh Hell to the Fuk Yeah!

I could go on, but I won’t.

Have a pleasant evening Y’all.

But before I depart…. “No. It’s awful.”

I still love my Country.

I served her.

Gladly do it again.

And yes!

I am in love with Holly Hunter.

Always was.

(Apologies to all my ex-wives)