CNN is Running Their ‘Diana CNN Presents’. We’ll See If They Tell Her Real TRUE Story & With Respect. Here IS My No Bullshit Version: “Diana, Beautiful Cherished Perished Princess. Treasure for the Measure of the World. Such a… words fail. Everyone loved her (Except her ‘Howdy Doody’–Looking husband and Christopher Hitchens. So screw both of them)”


I am a Hopelessly Romantic SAP.


Her untimely departure really fucked me up.

(More than this ‘Macho-Man’ would ever care or confess to admit.)

Street Cred for Vid: Missmariasiya


Prince Howdy

“Howdy Asshole!

How’s it Hangin’ Bro?!”

Ugly Motherfucker Who Got Lucky



I love you more than cash money,
I do not agree with you.
(Actually I Do… Sorta.)
However, comma,
I’d like to hold onto my
And Fantasies…

Real-Life Ones.


So on this note,


Go Get Fucked.


I am very far removed from ‘stupid,’ and Christopher is spot on here/below,

but I am also a hopeless romantic.

So I am torn between two lovers.

My conundrum

“Lovin’ you both is breaking all the rules.”
“Well shit! I am in the ‘rule-breaking’ business.”

Author’s update September 2021: Ignore this one. It is stupid and I must have been drunk when I dropped it in.


Street Cred for the Vid: Juan Manuel Astorga


“The Cult of Diana” —Christopher Hitchens :

Update September 2021: From an email string sent to a good friend:

The Hitch bit is brilliant:
“Cult of Diana: The Mourning After.”
But it still pisses me off.
And you know how much I love Hitch
But, as I said in my piece,
“Don’t fucking rain upon my fantasy.”
Words to that effect.


“I suppose I am studid to claim to be so smart.

I still love The Princess of Wales.

But, I also realize this comes from my deep down hopeless stupid romantic ideas.
I like to believe in Fairy Tales.
(Not gay Fairy Tales…. the old school ones…)


Did I type that?
I am too studid to be stupid.


Goodbye England’s rose
May you ever grow in our hearts
You were the grace that placed itself
Where lives were torn apart
You called out to our country
And you whispered to those in pain
Now you belong to heaven
And the stars spell out your name

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never fading with the sunset
When the rain set in
And your footsteps will always fall here
Along England’s greenest hills
Your candle’s burned out long before
Your legend ever will

Loveliness we’ve lost
These empty days without your smile
This torch we’ll always carry
For our nation’s golden child
And even though we try
The truth brings us to tears
All our words cannot express
The joy you brought us through the years

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never fading with the sunset
When the rain set in
And your footsteps will always fall here
Along England’s greenest hills
Your candle’s burned our long before
Your legend ever will

Goodbye England’s rose
May you ever grow in our hearts
You were the grace that placed itself
Where lives were torn apart
Goodbye England’s rose
From a country lost without your soul
Who’ll miss the wings of your compassion
More than you’ll ever know

And it seems to me you lived your life
Like a candle in the wind
Never fading with the sunset
When the rain set in
And you footsteps will always fall here
Along England’s greenest hills
Your candle’s burned out long before
Your legend ever will


I loved my Daddy.

Never sure if he loved me.

I thought he was always the smartest in any room, but one day he said something incredibly stupid to me.

(Shortly after the breakup of Lady Di and that moron she was married to.)

She had a broken wing thanks to Charles-The-Cheating-Unfaithful-AssholeMoron

(I’m an Asshole Moron too, but I NEVER EVER Cheated on any of my four wives)

Well except for

Shonnie Days,

But Janet and I were pretty much Legal-Separated then and I knew for shit-sure she had been keeping a Soy Toy Boy on the side for months, so WTF right?


The expression on Diana’s face speaks volumes.

Volume One:

“What the fuck was I thinking?”

Daddy said, and I quote:

“That’s what happens when you marry a commoner.”

What an ignorant statement!

And I told him so.

Diana Spencer was English Nobility way before she married into The House of Windsor.

I was kicked out of Marcom Manor immediately (and permanently) after that.

(Daddy never enjoyed anyone hanging about who was not a sycophant to him.)

Marcom Manor

On The Street Where I lived:


Moron Author’s ed note:

OK, I watched CNN

They are calling their bullshit,

“Diana, A CNN Original Series”

Bullshit!! Nothing new or ‘original’ about it!

Most of the vids they showed are already on the Internet and have been for years.

Some of them are even in my orig Diana post (and I gave creds to the orig poster or at least the sharer)



Use a Bois d’arc fence post covered in barb-wire

(Just a Suggestion)

Have I Mentioned Lately How Pissed Off I Am? America is BROKEN! And This BREAKS MY HEART!! P.S. I now have the WuFlu! YaHoo! I Am So Fucking Excited! This Should Prove to be an Adventure.

Yeah! And I have had my two Fauci Ouchies




Cred: Mark Dice


Cred: Salty Cracker

*BREAKING BAD NEWS!* (CNN is the Best Comedy Show On Television, Bar None–And it is even better watching while drunk or stoned, or le both)

Laughing at CNN is one of my favorite joyful mindless diversions:

Exclusively Here on TT & Hiero-Glyph!

That means you won’t hear it anywhere else! (Because we made it up)

The Results are finally in from yesterday’s, recent,  last week’s election!

Okay was not last week; just seems that way.

Here are the tallies:

Jim Morrison: 20, 000

He is an Accident Going Somewhere to Happen: 20, 001

Walk of Shame: 20,010

The Kind and Good and the Ugly Moral Folks: 20,005

Puddles in My Beer: 0

Now, after some contentiousness, and some hanging chaffs, and some fourteen pissed off, and some sixteen or so pissed on, and some countless bored, and some dead armadillos, and some more hanging chaff, it was decided that the vote went unanimously to:


(And the crowd went nuts)

“But, but, but, how is that unanimous?” One pollster inquired.

“Because Son,” The State said, “Because theirs was the only un-contested, not so much molested, unambiguous result.”


Now before we exposé the PUDDLES IN MY BEER platform (gangplank), we must survive the Inauguration Ball.

And here to help us along with that, May I present to Y’all, our most ardent (and redundant) supporters!

Willie And The William’s Boys!

Take it away Boys!

Thanks to Willie an’ Them For that Rather Upbeat Rendition of …what was it again? *taps Willie on the shoulder* “Uh Willie, ya fucked the lyric: it is “Puddles In My Beer”; not ‘bubbles’, get it right fer fuck sake… Goin’ to Austin…I mean DC. Aw shit. Never mind! Just get the damn song right, OK?”

And Thank You Both Hanks for that rather unifying ditty in honor of the forgotten, vanquished.

But now, to prove we are not all that…uh… sanctimonious.

We give some equal / air time to the losers, er, Honorable Opposition:

Take it away Jimmy!

But don’t take it too far or  too long. We are watching you. Loser!

“Uh… Thank you…uh what was your name again? Oh yeah, Jimmy.

Well, Hey! Let’s give a big round of applause for…uh Jimmy and his comedy!”

“Thank you Johnny!”

Tomorrow (Or Next Beer) we will tell you the plan forward.

Hang tight in the meantime.

We love our Country!

(don’t we?)

Didn’t we?

orig flag

Bonus Round

Lenny On Fake News:


Yes, this is a ‘Shit Post’

Fuck it!

Watch the below vid.

You will laugh your ass off.

Ditto this one below

Vid Cred: MAD LAB


But this is a light-hearted Shit Post, mocking me even more than I mock Broadcast News: CNN, MSNBC, Fox, Etcetera & Ad Nausea

And I am stalling, waiting for MS Muse to respond to my recent

Proposal of Marriage

She is sitting on the couch as I type these words.

(Yeah, she came home after the lights and water were restored)

I am beginning to find her a ‘fair-weather’ muse. Just sayin’.

Don’t matter. I still love her.

She had all her props:

  • Glass of Pinot.
  • Virginia Slim
  • Cell Phone
  • IPad
  • NY Times, Washington Post, And Waco Weekly Wipe
  • Attitude

Yeah. There’s that.

Always that.

Always That Attitude: Nuclear Option


This post cannot stand alone on my prose.

The vids are requisite.

“I just have to look good; I don’t have to be clear.”

The volume is borked. So CRANK it up. (Video Credit: Video Music, via The YouTubes—Duh!)

Love Broadcast News.

Love Mocking Broadcast News.

Love the Eye-Candy ‘Info-Babes’ on Broadcast News. (Broadcast News puts the ‘Broad’ in News)

Andrea Tantaros CNN Bra Size & Measurements

Andrea Tantaros: CNN, Bra Size & Measurements

Guys, you know you want me to drop the link.


Suffer in Silence


Love that I harbor no true malice toward Broadcast News, but G’damn! they are so transparent with their bias.

Added Value: Holly-Go-Lightly

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this brief interlude shit post I wrote while cooling my heels waiting for MS Muse to respond to my Proposal of Marriage


(‘Story at Eleven’)


Bonus ‘Added Value’

Credit to John Ward: Genius Man

“No, it’s awful.”

My Cross to bear

My Spirit ‘Man-able’: Ted Koppel

Video Compilation Credit Below: iLoveChrisCuomo

Uh… Homo-Erotica?

CNN: The Most Trusted Name In News?

Am I homo-phobic?

No! But these two wear me out!

Some of my Best Friends are Fags (This is a JOKE BTW!)

“I love you Don Lemon.”

You never fail to entertain.

Now Please Excuse me while I puke—‘vacuate’ my stomach.

And my mind.

“The Memes Become Reality”


Don & Chris:

Two Marshmallows Colliding in Mid-Air:

Ignore the below, the last on your radio dial, because WordPress is FUCKED UP!

Won’t let me delete it!

It just keeps spinning ‘round an’ ‘round sucking up bandwidth.

Bandwidth I have not to spare,

Nor desire to share.

Fuck you WordPress!

“Uploading” it perpetually says.

Hey Whore-Press!

How ‘bout I ‘upload’ my Nine Millimeter into your dome?

How would that grab ya?


I got ‘on the horn’ w/WP

Kind service rep fixed my problem.

Toot Sweet

All-in-all, WP has Great Customer Service.

No denying that.

I take back my un-happy words hurled at WordPress… until the next time…

Hey! I’m Writing Here!

Hey! I’m writing here! (Did I say that already?) I may have dementia.

“I haven’t seen a walk like that since Jurassic Park”


(Fleeting thoughts seem to fly away. Okay? That’s Okay, Right? Isn’t it?)


“Now Go fuck off and leave me alone. And while you are leavin’ me alone, make me some more coffee.”


“and thanks for the pepperoni.”

(Sorry.. vague Lenny Bruce reference)

I actually said this aloud to my much maligned invisible muse. Bless her heart.

The dog walked over to me and inquired, “Hey! Rance!” (he cannot pronounce my name. He is a dog after all) “Rance,” he said. “You OK Bubba?”

(Overheard by some fly on some wall in some other multi-verse.)

Probably it was just the wind.


‘Tax Day’ (they say) Means nada to me: means  Bupkis! (great Yiddish word: use it in a sentence today and then it is yours for all of maternity)

Why? “‘Cause I had no income last year. That’s why!”

Oy vey! Yep! Good thing ‘bout that there: No taxes.

Moving on to today’s post…

(Oh yeah: first order of business: “The Daily Lenny”)

Well, You May Find it here, whisked into a long post about a mechanic. Yes. You will have to work to find it. So Sorry.

Let us paws for a second.

(Goddamnit Lance! Enuff with the fucking puns!)

Take a breath.

“This is swerving dangerously close to being another rant.


“Yes. I know.”

*Moving on…*

Now Where was I?

Oh Yeah!


Not really.


Nope (but their Breaking News is ‘bout to break my spirit and my capacity to love anyone)

Serious for one second. I weep for those family who lost family on That Plane.

*Whew! Now we got that sentiment out of the way…*

Still trying to Move On Dot Org…

(Just kidding—I do not even know where that is)

More Breaking Fucking News!

Some idiot on CNN just said, “Let us be Frank.” (and Tom, Dick, and Harry)

(not sure in reference to what—generally—I only half-listen, but that one caught some vacant, unused part of my ear)

*Still trying to move on and find a purpose for this purposeless post*

Y’all know what?

This is gonna be an “all-day” project.

There is just too much shit running about in my head.

I will get back you.

As they say:

To be continued…

Bobble-Headed Mother Fucker, Racist Piece-of-Shit, Hypocrite—Stupid is as stupid does. How is this Asshole Still walking about with a fucking job? Who is paying him?

Puke IN My Mouth. Please And Thank You. Every Time I see this moron, I get this sudden urge to throw up in my mouth. Is this not the dumbest, ‘stupied-in cest’ Mother-Fucker in the history of stupid mother-fuckers on Television? Fairy Certain that answer would be ‘Yes.’ A Resounding ‘Yes’.

There are only three people still watching this idiot. I am one of them.

Why? Because I love the comedy of the inane insane.

And it is free/cheap.

It only costs me a few brain cells.

Which I can regenerate.


Vid Creds: John Ward

Bonus Added Value: