Daily Lenny: Zen an’ Zig an’ Zag and… Bingo in the Catholic Church

Below Your Daily Lenny (Early for a change):


More Mister Bruce down yonder Y’all



Thank you (all Y’all) for visiting my humble site.

“Don’t touch my bags if you please, Mister Customs Man.”


Let us never forget:

Smiling, said he was the Lone Ranger…comin’ into Los Angeleese…

This Land is still ours; let’s hold on to it:

“Now yer gettin’ ‘preachy’ Lance”

“Yeah, I know. It’s Lenny’s fault. First Amendment and all that jazz…”

I love my country.


Nashville, The Unrequited Life

If this is not the sexiest video, I will eat my varnished boots.

(Yes, I am a ‘fan’ of Connie Britton as well)

The singer in this vid, (Clare Bowen) in case Y’all don’t know, is Aussie.

Just some Wiki there atcha.

Hope you enjoy.

And of course… Y’all have to read my comments. This is rather a ‘disambiguous’  post.