“If You’re Broken & You’re Heartless…You’re Probably Not a Diva: You’re a Cunt.” I Love You Sarah Silverman. You Jewess Cunt!

But Then Again, I Love ALL Strong Wimmens. You Ain’t Nothin’ Special-J/K You ARE Something ‘Special!’ If You’re Broken and You’re Heartless… You’re A Cunt.

I recently discovered my posts are all over the place:

(under my bed, in the laundry hamper, in the shitter, the garage, the liter/Lighter (sic) box, et cetera)

I guess this is just how I must roll.

Sincerely aspire to not pissing anyone off.


If I did/do,

There is still a chance for  at redemption.



By God’s Grace


We’ll see…

Cheers to all Y’all Fellow CUNTS!