Earlier Yester–Afternoon I Almost Killed My Laptop Comp. It Was An Accident! Okay?! I Harbor NO Ill Will, Nor Malice, Towards ‘Alice’, My Computer’s Given Christian Name.


Dallas Alice



“And I’ve been kicked by the wind,

robbed by the sleet
Had my head stove in

but I’m still on my feet
And I’m still…


As Apparently Is My LapTop Comp



I Am So Very, Very, VERY Much In-Love With Linda. Does It Show?

Thought So!


Comp Survived!

She Stayed Alive!

Thank God & Baby Hey Zeus!

Street Cred For Song:

Jimmy B

& shywwa

For Wonderful Vid


Stayed Alive!

Actually, Turns Out, I Only Put Her Into

The Computer ICU

And Got Her Some Medical Attention

Here is the ‘Short’ Version:

I managed to knock over a pretty good-sized tumbler of wine.

Went straight into my key-board.


“There Ain’t No Way To Stop The Water,”

Or In This Case—

The Wine!


Most Beautiful and Rarest of Rare Talents


“I Did NOT Need This Shite!”

Not Today Anyway!

What Happens If You Spill Water

(Or Wine)

Over Your Laptop?

Ain’t Gonna Be Nothin’ Nice.

Let Me Assure You!

Cred: Subterranean Secret


Sparks Flew—Emanating a Horrible Sound & Sight & Smell

 Some small Amount of smoke poured out Too!

I was NOT Happy ’bout that Development

Did NOT Bode Well

Then Silence.

Screen went dark.

I was Properly Fu*ked!

And Now Without A Functioning Computer!!

Still have not been able to repair my ‘Main-Hommade’ Big Desk-Top Comp.

My theory:

The new power supply I purchased months ago from Amazon is  defective.

Or Quite Possibly,

I’m Defective.

Don’t Much Matter None

End Game Is Still The Same




Well, I panicked.

Took out the laptop battery.

Unplugged the bitch.

Turned her up-side-down to try to drain.

Then put her in front of my high-speed fan

In An Attempt To Dry Her Out

Perhaps I Should Try To Dry Me Out Too?


Where Would Be The Fun In That?

I went Immediately To The Deity At Hand

And I Prayed & Prayed

And Prayed.

I Prayed For four hours.

Eventually I was able to power her back up.

Maybe there is a God, after all?

“Maybe There’s a Loving God”

by Sara Groves


I Think I Just Got Very, Very Lucky

At Any Rate, I Did Feel Quite



Nor More


Reba McEntire – Back To God: