This Post is All Fu*ked Up… Sorry,,, Abide. I Was A-Gonna Attempt Suicide. But I Am A Coward… We’ll See How This Works Out For My ‘Future’. Stay Tuned… You May Read-All-About It Soon–In The ‘Funny-Papers’

The Dude

C’est Moi!


Suicide is Supposed To Be Painless.

I’ll Let You Know…

Suicide is Painless

It Brings on Many Chang-us

Many Chang-Us

Remind You of Anyone?

Thought So

Just Dropped In…

Checkin’ On My ‘Condition’


Is Priceless!

Must Watch!

And Yes, Dearest My Students,

It Will Be On The Test.

So Study Hard

The Big Lebowski – Gutterballs 

“I saw so much; I Broke my mind”

Street Cred: EMS co.


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