Yes! I Want Her In My Wig-Wamn! Yes! I want her in My wig Wam! I want Her in My Pants! I wanna watch her dance! I wanna Make Romance! I Want Her In My Bed! I Wanna be Wed—To Her! And I Want my Mind back! Atom-Bomb Baby! I Have LOST My FUCKIN’ Mind! “How Did We Ever…” Updated! One More Vid! Atom Anomallyeee! Yippee! Ki Aye! China is Gonna Take Taiwan. So Long Taiwan! and So Long Computer Chips! (Just in Case You Didn’t Know… Lance is Really Stupid!)

Or Haven’t You Heard? Joe? Joe? Wake Up Joe! DO Something! Anything! Even if it’s Wong! No? Caint Be Bothered?–Camel Toes? MS VP Harris?? No? I Guess So Long Taiwan! Was Real Nice Knowin’ Ya! (this Iconic Band Never Got Enuff Recog-nu-trition, In My Humbl’e Opinion)

How did we ever become whatever we are/were/am/is/will be?

Brother Dave once did this bit:

“Where the best place to be in case the bomb drops?”

“Don’t make no difference. Jes as long as you can say, ‘Whut was that’?”


Cred for vid: isamsamuel

Thank You Sir!

For adding A Little Value to My Life


Roll Another One!

Just Like The Other One

Watch This One!


Yes! I Know! I’m a Sick Mo’ Fo!  

“You Represent Freedom”


That Scares The Shit Outta Them!

First Of The Day Fellas!

Nic! Nic! Nic! Nic! Nic!



OH! Fuk Yes!

Cred fer Vid: Max Shkiv

(And Steppenwolf –Fukin’ DuH!)


Sleazy Riders!

This Version is Borked! Please Watch the Above One



How did we ever become the Champion of the Free World?

The Bastion of Capitalism?

The Shining City on a Hill?

The Cradle of Modern Western Civilization?

Yeah Kids, Duck and Cover (and while you’re down there, kiss your ass goodbye.)

OK. I suppose it was ‘The Age of Innocence’ (Or maybe the ‘Age of Stupid People’)

I did those duck and cover drills just like everyone else. I suppose that makes me stupid too. It was a different time. Different place. And folks wondered why I wanted to go some other place. Eventually I did. I went to Egyptian/Israel war zones and felt finally safe.


Atomic Café Trailer Below

I Hope:

WordPress is So Fuckin’ Stupid. I never Know…

Duck and Cover!

(Stupid Assholes!)



Schmuck (pejorative) Back Sunday

Hippy Kee Aye kii… Fuck Yeah!

Just for nostalgia

Bikers, Hippy’s and Dope!

And all for free!

Right here on your radical dial:

Texan Gone Wild!

Follow the yellow brick road!


(while I search the old drafts whut need posting, or at least, composting)

I feel as if I am running out of time and headlong into this

Please Stand By

Please Stand By