It’s A Melanie Kinda Night. I Kinda Fukk’d Up This Post. I Will NOT Fix It. Ever! “Melanie! I Just Found A Real Good Book To Live In” It is Entitled, “The King James Version” Who Coulda Knew?

The more I discover about this woman,

The More

I fall in fantasy love with her.

She is so fu*king charming.

She captivates and fascinates.

My God! But she is a beautiful woman!

And she can sing en français!

And MOST Important:


“Mel, why did I NOT ever run into you?

I would have woo’d you.”

(Or tried to)

Would have given my best shot anyhow. (Such as that would’ve been at the time–my attention span was brief, but for you, I would have taken my time. And worked ‘The Problem’ I had with my infatuation)

I wish I had such a woman in my life now.
But happily and luckily I have had two such women in my life.
(Most men never find one such good woman)
Beautiful, happy, wonderful women.

I had two.
But like a fool, I cast them away.
Because of my wanderlust.
(Yes. I have regrets.)

But I also have my wonderful memories of the time I spent with them.

I cherish these memories.

They sustain me.

This wonderfully fascinating woman has climbed up to Number Two on my “Hit Parade”

“If the people are buying tears, I’ll be rich someday.”


“Joni, watch your ass. She just might knock you off the top of my mountain.”

(Just kidding Joni—you will

ALWAYS be at the TOP for me)

Forever My Number One!

But No Offense Joni,

You Are Not Very Physically Attractive.


I could easily get lost in her long, dark brown hair.

Never to be seen again.

But Joni! How do you compete with this?

“It was the only thing I could do half-right and now it’s turning out all wrong.”

I could easily get lost in her long, dark brown hair

I found a real good book to

“Live in.”

It is entitled

“The Complete Works Of Shakespeare.”

“They only put in a nickel and they want a

Dollar Song.”


I LOVE the way she MOCKS Morons

Too true.

Isn’t this a sad commentary on

Americans these days?



Video Credit: amonem


I love you Melanie

You enrich my life

Video Share Credit: Eduardo Franco Ocnarfeara

More More More Melanie! I cannot get enough!