I LOVE This Broad! And Remember Kids: Never Ask Me Questions. About All-The-Reasons-Why

“Lance! Go Immediately To

‘Fuk Yer-Self-Land.”

Do Not PASS Go!

Do Not Collect 200 Dollars!

Fake Laura:

But I LOVE Her!

Why, You May Ask

Because I Have



(I Probably Should Say No More About It!)

So I Won’t

Believe That?

Wanna Buy A Bridge

From Me?

Laura Ingraham Full Speech at RNC

This Is Just A Preamble, To A Ramble–A ‘Tease’ If You Please:

My Favorite Info-Babe: Dana Perino! Yes! I Lust–After Info-Babes–It Is The Only Hobby I Have. Here’s My Theory: I Need To Rent A Life (I Hate Politics–J/K)

I’m Gonna Write More About Her

Just As Soon As I Find My Mind


Dana is The Smartest Person In Any Room You May Stagger Into

(Former Press Secretary For The ‘W’)


“Pain-At-The Pump”

I Am In The Middle of a Sneezing Fit

I Need to Flush My Nasal Cavities

Never A Pleasant Experience





I Hate Politics