I Got’s/Gettin’ H’angry (Avec Angry Hunger Pains/Games)

“White Trash”

– Tom MacDonald & Madchild

Wanna Know Whut’s On Tonight’s Menu?

Of Course Y’all Do!

Here Ya go!

(I Love MY Life!)

The Lowly Pinto Bean!

God’s Gift!

To Lowly White Trash!

Like Me!


Wanna Join Me?

All Are Welcome!

Just Please Wipe Yer feets

A’Fore You Enter My Pristine / Clean

Sanitized-Fer-Yer Protection,



I gots Yea & Mo’ Plenty Fer All!

“Take Yer Shoes off

Set a-spell”

Y’all Come Back Now,

Ya Hear!

And For Desert:

Cris To LeDoux:


Look Look LOOK! Look At What My Angel, My LaTrish, Brought To Me This Morning (Wheel’d About in a Stolen Walmart Shopping Cart! Good Gawd! How I Love This Woman!–We Think On The Same Same Wave-Link)


“But Why?”

I Always ask her when she throws something nice at me

Always get the same respond:

“Because You’re a Good Man Lance.”

How do she think she know? I’m an asshole.

Why has she ‘blessed’ me? I am an atheist–She knows this.


This time I did not ask. I just said,

“Thank you”

And then I kissed her cheek,

Threw my arms around her and embraced her deep.

Whispered in Her Ear,

“I love You Dear.”


“Food! Glorious Food!”

“Angel of the Morning”

Juice Newton

With her Extensions

So ‘Eighties’–Lovin’ It! 

Why is LaTrish so good to me?

I Have No Words.

They Get Stuck in My Throat,

But My Heart Is Bursting

I am not worthy of such acts of human kindness


Glorious Food!