Now Pay Attention Kids. Things Are Gonna Get Easier; Things Are Gonna Get Brighter

So, Buck Up Lil Campers!


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“Now pay attention Kids.

I am Not sayin’ I love this version more than the other I recently Posted.

But Damn it’s Great! More Healthy Optimism,

Less Dread!

And Y’all know Beautiful Redheads make me weak-in-the-knees

No, not the dude with the red Ragnar Lodbrok Beard & wearin’ the Pork Pie Hat. LOL!

The Woman! FFS!”

Artists Cred: An international Musical Collective.

Vid share credit: bikfoot

“Life and art & music finds a way.” (Yeah, I added that part) Screw You WuFlu!

Sue me


OK, so I was trying to sleep yet another one off.
Was having this dream:
Someone was placing their hands on me.
I woke up.

MS Muse had placed some headphones over my ears and whispered softly to me,

“Hear Baby; Listen to this:
Things are gonna grow better, brighter.
I promise.”

(Since WhorrPress is SO STUPID. try to find one of My Abusive Muse Links Below. Approach it as an Easter Egg Hunt.)

Artists Credit: Five Stairsteps
Vid Share Credit: danschutz


I guess she really does love me after all…

I love her more.

Just sayin’


Have A Great Good Friday Y’all!


Bonus ‘Added Value’ Tracks

The GREAT Bob Marley

The GREAT Johnny Mercer