“A Raccoon’s Tale” Re-Writ & Expanded. I Am Right Over-Proud Of It–True Story. Never Fails to Amuse Me. First Sign of Insanity: You Laugh At Your Own Jokes.

I Cannot B’Leave I Wrote this Shite, But obviously I did. And I DID Invest Some Time & Earnest Efforts Into It for Sincerity and Veracity.

No Shit! Brings Some Tear to My Eye–Happy & Sad–I Am Just A Sentimental Old Fool!

And I Love Animals.

Gonna Get Me A Rescue Doggie Or Kitty Real Soon

“A Raccoon’s Tale”

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Jerry Clower – ‘A Coon Huntin’ Story’, Just to Get Y’all Warmed Up. And, Actually it hits very close to accurately depicting how I ended up with my pet coon

“Knock Him Out John!”


Rocky Raccoon Animation

Not Certain,

But This May Be A Metaphor


My So-Called Life

(Volume Is Kinda Fukked On this one–Sorry Kids)

Cred For Vid: A Headsup


“A Raccoon’s Tale”

I raised a raccoon once. His name was Leroy, Leroy Rastus. Raised him from a cub I did.


His eyes were recently newly opened and I fed him from a baby bottle. A local rancher in Honey Grove had killed his mama while Coon-Hunting one night and he brought all her cubs home.

The next day he adopted them out to several local high school kids. Peanut adopted Leroy’s sister. Another kid adopted his brother.

There may have been one or two more siblings, but I don’t recall. Leroy’s adoption experiences were somewhat more transitory. First he was taken by Kim. Kim got bored with him and gave him to my step-sister Madelyn. She thought he was just the coolest thing ever!

For about three days…

His coolness factor, having for her it seems, a very short half-life. I made her an offer she couldn’t refuse for her coon: Cash Money. Money’s coolness factor has no half-life. She was only too happy to surrender Leroy to my care for the tidy sum of thirty-five bucks. Quite tidy indeed to an unemployed High School girl in 1974.

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