So, The Commerce PD Just Arrested ME. Arrested Me & Returned me to the Hospitably Hos-spittal -al. And All that Magical Magic Would Entail For Me: The Commerce, American Hospital.

Long story ‘Bout Me–

Maybee Later I’ll Tell The Story.

Trust Me: It Ain’t Easy Being Me.

True  Story

At least I got me a souvenir:

Get Well Soon!

Cred for vid: =


If I Hear Just-One-More Asshole Reee-Iter-Ate “January Sixth” I Swear To GOD I Will Go Into Tasmanian Devil Mode! Trust Me: It Will NOT Be Pleasant To Watch.

In The Wink Of An Eye–Stand By!

Or, Just Hide And Watch!

This Ain’t A “Funny” Post!

I Am So Sorry Y’all.

Fuk This!

I Am Movin’ To Montana Soon!

Gonna Be Some-Kind Of Tycoon!

Credit: The Zappa.


(Sorry Texas! I Shall Miss You!)

This Is A Short One, But I Need No Time To Prove That I Am Weird/Eccentric

I Actually “Read” All The Credits At The End Of Movies

Who Does That?

Lance Do–That’s Who


I Have No Idea—Just Seems Important to Me

Matter of Respect

Keyakizaka46 – Eccentric (English Subbed)


“Weird” Al Yankovic – Amish Paradise