Just Noise.

“And that is all I am gonna say about that.”
Take a read.


I like to joke that I have woken up on a strange planet that is essentially an analogue of my home planet and one that even goes by the same name, Earth, where the inhabitants are apparently homo sapiens, but of a somewhat less intelligent subspecies. Homo sapiens doofoidus, perhaps. I have spent most of my life playing down my own supposed intelligence in order to gain some very limited social acceptance, which is why I say things like “I figger” and ain’t, and curse at a level rivaling that of the entire trucking industry combined. An earnest member of MENSA once interviewed me for some purpose that was never explained to me, and in passing mentioned that I might consider applying for membership of that august organization. I was so very honored that I exclaimed, “You have got to be fucking shitting me!”… And he said that…

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