Drunken Sailor? I Have No Earthly Clue as To What To Do… As To Who Wrote This Post, Probably Some Lunatic/Hacker.

My Best Guess. Don’t Y’all Just HATE When This Happens? I Certainly Do! Very Irritating.

I Love The Irish!

Go Figger Ni*ger

Just Jokin’!

“What do we do with a Drunken Sailor?”

Put Him In A Long-Boat ‘Till He’s Sober,

Or Just Shoot Him.

Shoot Him

In the Head


Deadliest Catch Season 1 Trailer

Drunken Sailor. What To Do?

What am I talking about?

What sig-nif is That,

Lance Romance?

Lost me mind


Tom MacDonald –


Foggy Glasses!

Always happens to me right when

I am in-the-middle of trying to build a post.

I have Swerved Into A Solution Though

**No! Not This**

Although I could use a Pair of These–

In My Spectacles’ Prescription Of Course

You see, it’s all just a simple matter of Condensation/Consternation

But what causes condensation?

Condensation happens when your home face is too humid & warm and your warm, humid face contacts the cold surfaces Eye-Glasses. This leads to the air cooling quickly and forming droplets Fog on nearby surfaces such as walls/windows Your Eye-Glasses.

If you’ve noticed droplets of water or damp walls Foggy Glasses and are wondering how to stop condensation happening, we’re I am here to help & reassure you not to panic.

It’s really just a common part of living.

But How Do I Prevent Condensation?

Here is what ya do Kids:

You take a wash cloth,

Run it under the hot water tap until it’s saturated.

Wring it out a little.

Press it against your eye-balls.

Hold it there until the count of twelve.

Your mileage may vary–Experiment a bit.

Dry Off Your Eyes & Face THOROUGHLY–This Is Key.

Take your glasses and run them under the same hot water.

Dry THEM Thoughtfully & THOROUGHLY.

et voilà!

Good To Go!

Rinse and Repeat as Becomes Necessary

It really is just about keeping the two ‘surfaces’–Your Eye-Balls and Your Glasses, The Same Temperature.

It Ain’t ‘Rocket-Science’



If You Have A Tendency To Sweat From Your Eye-Brows

I Cannot Help You

I Suppose You Could Try Using One of

These Handy-Dandy Tiny Little Portable Fans

(Batteries Never Included)

Aim It At Your Eye-Brows And Crank It Up

Good Luck With That


Fun Trivia Fact:

I Never Needed Glasses Until This Very Precise Moment In Time:

September 10th 1997

What significance that day? You May Ask.

My Fortieth Birthday.

The Beatles ‘Birthday’

Rooftop Concert 1970:

Cred For Vid Share: videos raros


Needed Glasses Ever Since That Day.

Went To The ‘Eye-Ball Witch-Doctor’

Asked, “Why Doc? Oh Why? Why Now?”

“Welcome To Your Forties” He Said. “Very common.”

“Thanks a lot Doc.” (Asshole)


Added Value:

Trailer Park Boys Moments

Street Cred For Vid: RockyTopTN11


Even More Bonus Added Value:

My Vision of White Trash Heaven:

“Bubbles in My Beer”

Billy Mata

Cred for Vid: When The Cowboy Sings


And Just For Fun!

I Give You


Everybody’s Favorite Dead Guy

Take It Away Beetle!