“If You’re Broken & You’re Heartless…You’re Probably Not a Diva: You’re a Cunt.” I Love You Sarah Silverman. You Jewess Cunt!

But Then Again, I Love ALL Strong Wimmens. You Ain’t Nothin’ Special-J/K You ARE Something ‘Special!’ If You’re Broken and You’re Heartless… You’re A Cunt.

I recently discovered my posts are all over the place:

(under my bed, in the laundry hamper, in the shitter, the garage, the liter/Lighter (sic) box, et cetera)

I guess this is just how I must roll.

Sincerely aspire to not pissing anyone off.


If I did/do,

There is still a chance for  at redemption.



By God’s Grace


We’ll see…

Cheers to all Y’all Fellow CUNTS!

Lima Ohio? (Or Just A Mole With a Hair In It?)


I am an arrogant Texan, but I love Lenny Bruce. A man just about as far from removed from Texan as one could ever be. (Except maybe George Bush the Elder)

Lenny was no friend to Texas or Texans

Lyndon Johnson

The Scar He Was So Proud Of

LBJ: (Or “Southern Speech, Or At Least What Passes for ‘Speech’)

Thanks Lenny


The Real Scar

The Real Scar


Please listen (and comment)

(If you never listen to any other Lenny Bruce, Please listen to this one)

Lima, Ohio:

Bless Y’all Lenny…

The Bust

How Now Brown Cow? Daily Lenny: Carnegie Hall Part II. Only Lenny Fans Need Apply; All Others Will Be Taken Out Back & Shot (Just Kiddin’ Y’all)

TGIF and Here is The Daily Lenny: Carnegie Hall Part II


 (Thanks to It’s okay t.v.  for posting this one on YouTube) 

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More Lenny may be found here


tex flag


Daily Lenny: Performance Film

Here is more from his video recorded performance and yes, most of it is esoteric.

The only video of Lenny (real good video) is from when he was near death. He was most assuredly not at his ‘best’.

But this is all we have.

So we must run with it, because, in my not-so-humble-opinion, his worst was better than the best of Cable Guy, Foxworthy, and even fellow-Texan, Ron White. But that is just me. The only ones who can compare in my mind are George Carlin and Richard Pryor, and possibly Sarah Silverman or Sandra Bernhard.

Carlin RichardSarahSandra

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More Comedy. Can NEVER Have Enuff Comedy! It Sustains & Maintains Our Fragile Sanity.

“Daily Lenny: Lenny Bruce Comes Clean, Plus a Bonus:

Sarah & Matt”

My Only Ambition in Life, Is To Be Funny–Lenny Bruce, Dave Gardner, Carlin, Pryor—Funny.

I Know I Will Never Get there…

So I Just Steal From The Best.

All I Can Do…

Happy Saturday Y’all.

Here is The Daily Lenny:

“Lenny Bruce Comes Clean on Arrests, Dope, and Some Other Stuff”

Please Enjoy

(It really helps if you know your 1960’s history—Jes’ Sayin’– Of course I ‘lived’ it,  so obviously I ‘know’ it.—well documented in these pages of my Blog–Thank you. Drive Thru)

On The Street Where I Lived: School Days

Cred: Sam Cooke–DUH!


Video Credit: GuerrillaDivision

Eight Years Old

And  Since Y’all Have Been So Good To Us Here at TT&H, Here is a Bonus.


Saturday Sarah!

“I’m Fucking Matt Damon.” (“She’s Fucking Matt Damon”)

Your Visits Here Are Much Appreciated.

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