This Post is for Jim Rezba–Days/Months/Years/ Tears & Beers. Lots Of Jeers–Of Our Time Spent Together In Basra, Iraq–Becoming The Very Best Of Friends

Money Means Nothing To Me–

I’ve Been Rich and I’ve been Poor–

Rich is Better”–At Least That is What I’ve Been Told…

I Was Happiest When I Was Poor.

Smoke That Revelation.

I May Elaborate Later, or Not–

Most Likely Not–

Fore I am Worthless and Lazy.

And Just A Little Bit Crazy


I Have Found Me a Home – Jimmy Buffett

The Days Drift By…

They Don’t Have Names


Jimmy Buffett – I Have Found Me A Home

(And, Y’all Know I AM A SAILOR)

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Street Cred For Vid: Parrothead Poet

I Have seen too much shit

Behind his back and often to his face we called Him ‘Jumbo’– He had an overweight problem, but he took it all in stride–he had a beautiful wife and two beautiful daughters… He did not care–he was good-of nature–

A Great, somewhat humble man–

He never knew how he sustained us.

And I was NOT The Man To Bravery Sustain Us–

With Such a Heady “Revelation”


I once tried to tell him–he just laughed at me

I Loved the People Of Iraq

Baghdad Bob!

Cred For Share: AP Archive

I posted already…. But WordPress–Never mind.

I’ll try to re-Create it when I am sober

Narrow window there.

Fuk Me! World!

Press Bears NO ‘Symphony‘ For Music

No Honesty

No Honesty

No Honesty

“All I want.. Is someone to believe”

In Honesty

I Don’t Want Some Pretty Face To Tell Me Pretty lies;

All I want is


I Think I ‘Deserve That–

Have Earn’d That–

Deserve That…

“When I’m Deep Inside of me;

Don’t Be Too Concern’d; I Won’t Ask For Nothin’

When I’m Gone”

When You Look For Truth-fullness…

You Just Might Just as Well Be BLIND”

I Can Find ‘Security Until The Bitter End. NOT What I Want! I WANT


That’s All!

Street Cred: Billy Joel

Duh to The Fukkin’ Duh!