Yes, I Have Been Un-Characteristically Silent On The Passing Of Queen Elizabeth. Now I Proffer My Two Cents: “Take your Insults About The Queen And Shove Them Up Your Royal Timese Machine”

Such A Very Brave

And Patriotic

Very Young Woman:

The Queen’s Coronation Day Speech 1953

But Do NOT Mistake My Silence for Indifference.

I have not found the proper, respectful enough words just yet.

Working on that.

Maybe the words will never come.

I am no poet and my prose kinda sucks as well.

But I will endeavor to do my best

All I can offer just now is,

“Farewell And Adieu Great Lady. Travel Well. May You Always Have Fair Winds and Following Seas”

To all my Good Friends in Britain,

I am so sorry for your loss.

Yes, I have been to England and I was never happier in any Foreign, to me, Land and it is my firm resolve to re-visit your magnificent country once more ‘ere I cash my chips

And sometimes, humor can heal just a little, so I offer this not to be disrespectful, but to illustrate that we must find a way to deal with tragedy. Humour always, kind of, sort of, works for me.


And Very Respectfully,

‘Sir’ Lancelot du Lac


And Just In-Case Ya’ll Anglophiles Were Not Completely Bummed Out And Depressed By Now, Here is A ‘Bonus Sorrow’ to Walk With Down Memory Lane, Keeping It In Your ‘Sad Memory Pocket’

Baez Bonus Bonus Bonus Onus

“Take your insults about The Queen
And shove them up your royal Timese Machine”

Pls Re-Visit. Yeah,TM Blew Me Off. Pissed Me Right The Fuk OFF! “Texas (no longer) Monthly”

Joe Hill in here Somewhere–scroll the fu#k down Yeah, I am a f*cking Socialist” I Put Some work & Thought Into This Bitch. (Not Really) TM Blew Me Right The Fu^k Off.

If I Cannot Get ‘Published In Texas Monthly…

My Life is Devoid of Meaning and Porpoise

What’s it to ya? Wanna fight me? You will lose your body. And your life. And your wife, if you have one. I will take Everything You Have.”

And I won’t even look back.


Here is some free advice:

Never fuck with a man who has nothing left to lose.

Why are Corporations so Fucking Stupid?

I wanted to submit an article for publish consideration.

‘To Texas Monthly.’

“Oh! Hell no!

Slow down Cowboy!

First we need your next of kin.

The name of your first born.

Your Social #

Your most recent wife’s bra size.

And about three thousand dollars.

You good with this?

I thought about it for a minute, and then said,

“Sure; Seems reasonable.”

‘OK. Good. Now you need to create an account.’

‘Sure. I can do that.’

“Please enter your password.”

Don’t have one yet.

Precisely why I called you.”

“Please re-enter your password.”“

Don’t have one yet. This is Me! Trying to create a new account!”“

Password FAIL! “

You are now locked out of this web-site for the-rest-of-your natural life!

Have a nice Day.

Me: To no one:

“Go get Wrecked! I guess I will have to try …

Some other rag mag…


Fucking Magazines!

I Love Joan Baez So Much

She Has Enriched My Life.

“Rag Mag”

Joan & Bobby:

Dear Joan, A Light Year is NOT A Measure of Time.

It is a Measure of Distance–Just Sayin’

Yer Welcome

Street Vid Cred For Above: Dave Bing

Here’s a clue, Dave:

You did not need to add the fukking text.

It distracts

And… Almost… ruins the vid.

(Never mind)

We can hear the lyrics.


Thank you for posting this.

I was so happy to steal it.


Now you’re telling me
You’re not nostalgic
Then give me another word for it
You who are so good with words
And at keeping things vague
Because I need some of that vagueness now
It’s all come back too clearly
Yes I loved you dearly
And if you’re offering me diamonds and rust
I’ve already paid


I’ll get back to this



“This family hasn’t drawn a sober breath since The God-Damn Potato Famine!”

There is SO MUCH going on in this scene…

I am way too stupid to even begin…

To verbalize It.

“I’ve Gotta Go; but I’ll Be Back.”

This hits me way too fuckin’ close to home.



I love Joan Baez.

Figure that one out yet?

Joe Hill found below


If you do not know who the hell ‘Joe Hill’ was,

I am here to help you out:

Joe Hill (October 7, 1879 – November 19, 1915), born Joel Emmanuel Hägglund and also known as Joseph Hillström,[1] was a Swedish-Americanlabor activist, songwriter, and member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW, familiarly called the “Wobblies”).[2] A native Swedish speaker, he learned English during the early 1900s, while working various jobs from New York to San Francisco.[3] Hill, an immigrant worker frequently facing unemployment and underemployment, became a popular songwriter and cartoonist for the union.

His most famous songs include “The Preacher and the Slave” (in which he coined the phrase “pie in the sky“),[4] “The Tramp“, “There Is Power in a Union“, “The Rebel Girl“, and “Casey Jones—the Union Scab“, which express the harsh and combative life of itinerant workers, and call for workers to organize their efforts to improve working conditions.[5]

Empathy, tea and sympathy.


I am a fucking closet socialist



Someone I know (and admire), compelled me to post this video. (Unknowingly / Unwittingly) 

I hope you enjoy it.

It makes me feel so right about supporting Women’s Rights. (And Their Strength) 

(No more preaching here from me; I do not wish to degrade the effect of the Video)

Yes, I know. This is a Socialist Song. But, without support from the home…well…

I still maintain this is a woman’s song.

“Tuesday’s Tirade” or ”Curmudgeon’s Complaint” or “Just The Rants, Sir. Just The Rants”

Author’s Note:

*Taps Mic*

“Uh… Is this thing on?”

*Screeching Mic Feedback*

“Ouch! Guess it is.”

*Clears Throat*

“Uh… Hi Y’all.”

*Crowd Grumbles*–

“Speak UP!


*Crowd in Unison*–

“You said that already! Git on wid it!”

“Okay! Okay! This is just me, being me. Allowing me, for today, to indulge the ‘Right Side of Me’. That’s All.

Please Enjoy.

Or not.”

*Crowd Collectively Moans*


“So… Worried much about Western Civilization?”

“Not particularly. Not tonight.”

“It’s collapsing. Or Hadn’t you noticed?”

“I live in a pretty good neighborhood.”

‘About Last Night’

Director: Edward Zwick

Studio Credit: TriStar Pictures

Film Based On The Play “Sexual Perversity in Chicago” by David Mamet


“Are YOU Ready for SOME FOOTBALL?!!!”


“Butt. Butt… BUTT??!

“Precisely the Problem.”


Credit: Salty Cracker


WHATEVER Happened to THESE people?

Where did THEY go?

Street Cred for Vid: Steven Shehori


“Why does the sun go on shining?

Why does the sea rush to shore?

Don’t they know it’s the end of the world?

It ended when you said ‘goodbye’”

–Skeeter Davis

Street Cred for Vid: TheOldrecordclub


It May be The-End-of-The-World

(As we know it)

But Lance Feels Fine!

He Feels Fine…

Performance Credit: R.E.M.

Street Cred for Vid: remhq


Cheers Y’all!


Oh, and just to bundle up that thought about ‘Butts’

I found the perfect new vocation for any future Unemployed NFL Executives.

They’d be Naturals

Just like these two intrepid entrepreneurs:


Someone I know (and admire), compelled me to post this video. (Unknowingly / Unwittingly) 

I hope you enjoy it.

It makes me feel so right about supporting Women’s Rights. (And Their Strength) 

(No more preaching here from me; I do not wish to degrade the effect of the Video)

Yes, I know. This is a Socialist Song. But, without support from the home…well…

I still maintain this is a woman’s song.

This is Directed Toward All My Minority Friends Out There in Radio Land

And No: I am not talking ‘race’ here.

Hell! I don’t even own a Ferrari.

I am talking booze. Talking to the Juicers out there.

Here is my query:

Do you often (more often than not) catch yourself scratching notes?

Dear God

I mean, you have a great idea for a post, but are too inebriated to write it, and too afraid to sleep on it, lest you forget it: Lose it?

So… ya just ‘make a note’.

No matter that you won’t be able to read the note the next day sober, as it only makes sense when you are drunk–now therein lies that ‘Catch-22’, but at least you made the effort.



Talk to me Peeps!

(I really do not wanna be alone with this one.)




Yes, I am a Socialist, Humanist, and All-Around Nice-Guy. i.e.,

I won’t let my dog shit on your driveway.

And Hey!

Thanks for stopping by.

We do hope you have enjoyed your time here.

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