In My ‘Not So Humble Opinion’ One of the BEST Movies To Come Out Of The ‘Cultural Wasteland’ That Was/Were ‘The Nineteen Nineties’ And As Most Of Y’all Know, I Live & Die On The Internet: Mostly Just Die

The Internet Is ALL I Have Left.

And Truth Be Told, I am Just Fine With That.


The Puppy Song” – Harry Nilsson

I Could’ve Adopted One Puppy,

But I Opted For Two Kittens

Why? Because Cats Are Like Self-Cleaning Ovens–

Very LOW Maintenance

And I NEED ‘Low-Maintenance’ In My Life Right Meow.


(More On This Later—Just As Soon As My New Camera Arrives To My ‘Mouse-House’–Later Today)

“Wish To Come True”

Cred for Vid: MrFrajzman:


One of The Most Charming Movies.


More on This Film Later…

Maybe, Maybe Not

“You’ve Got MAIL”


“Please Leave, I Beg You”

Oh, Man-Oh-Man!

How Many Times Have I Heard THAT One Before?!

Hint: Far Too Many Times

“So, He Did Not Answer The Question, Did He?”


“Maybe He’s Fat.”

“No. He would never do anything that prosaic.”

And, IMHO, ‘Prosaic’ Is a GREAT Word–It ‘says’ A lot–

With Economy, No Verbosity–

Just Seven Letters.


Fun, More ‘Read All About It’ For All My Snobbish Literary Friends

Out There In ‘Radio Land’:

Prosaic Has Literary Origins

In the past, any text that was not poetic was prosaic. Back then, prosaic carried no negative connotations; it simply indicated that a written work was made up of prose.

That sense clearly owes much to the meaning of the word’s Latin source prosa, meaning “prose.”

Poetry is viewed, however, as the more beautiful, imaginative, and emotional type of writing, and prose was relegated to the status of mundane and plain-Jane.

As a result, English speakers started using prosaic to refer to anything considered matter-of-fact or ordinary, and they gradually transformed it into a synonym for “colorless,” “drab,” “lifeless,” and “lackluster.”


Re-Post ‘Cause I Am Still Fightin’ ^ThiS!% I Think My Computer Has Just Been Hacked–This Pisses Me The Fuk Off–Lame-Ass Wanna-Be Hackers! Wasting My Time And My Dimes–They Caint Stop Me!–Fuk ’em! I am Strong— I am invic-a-bale!

I Love Pat Pat Benatar–



Pat Benatar –


(Official Video)






Wasted Time–Eagles__Once The Opening Act For Linda Ronstadt. Who Coulda Coulda Known?

No! No! NO!


Now I Have to Fix This!

Trust Me: I Can Do This,

I Am A Computer Nerd, After-All But It is And Irritation,

An Wastes My Finite Time.

I Have Better Things To Do!

With My Life Other Than ‘Un-Fuk’ My Computer

Terri Clark – Better Things To Do: