I’ve Probably Seen This Movie No Less Than Ten Times Over The Years–Watching It Again. If There Exists A Book, Most Likely I Have Read It–At Least Four Or Five Times. But I Honestly Cannot Recall.

Wonderful Coming-Of-Age Story.



Kiss Me Jennifer!

“Kiss Me Once,

Or Kiss Me Twice

It’s Been a Long, Long Time.”

Yet One More My Mother

Used To Sing A-Capella

When We Lived Alone In That Moldy Old Garage Apartment In Fremont, California.

I Am Finding That The Closer I Get To Shuffling Off My MORTAL Coil,

The And More I Miss My Mom–Go Figure!

I Learned My Up-Beat Nature From My Mother;

I Learned My Pessimism From My Daddy.

Yen And Yang, I Suppose…

Credit: Kitty Kallen

Cred For THIS VID: AynLy


And Yes! I Have Always Been A Nerd. And A Hopeless Romantic–

This Is Not NEW NEWS To Anyone Who ‘Reads’ Me.

This Is Precisely Why, I Joined The Navy And Twice Showed Up For Navy SEAL Training. I Wanted To Kill That Side of My Personality. I Failed. Both Times.


Summer of 42 – Jennifer O’Neill / Music by Michel Legrand

Perhaps I’ll Credit The Stolen Vids Later.


Maybe Not

Just Some Small Silliness of Mine Inspired By My Good, Great Fellow-Blogger Friend, John Coyote

“Kiss Me Once

Kiss Me Twice

Kiss Me Even Thrice

Then Kiss Me Once Again”

It’s Been Be A Long, Long Time!”

Believe it or don’t

But my Beautiful Mother Used to Sing This Song a Capella while doing the dishes in our white trash Fremont California apartment.

Some of my happiest childhood memories.

Back then, it was just me and Mom against the World

Kitty Kallen

Credit: Kitty Kallen – Topic


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