Jesus H. Christ!

Who Will Save Your Soul?

Jewel, That’s Who

Riding back-seat around Texas as a wee Child, my eyes (and my young malleable mind) were often assaulted by Road-Signs, Bill-Boards et cetera.

One of the most prevalent is one which Proclaimed:

“Jesus Saves!”

Seeing such, I had often pondered…

“Saves? Save What?”

Green Stamps?

Late one afternoon on our way back to Winnsboro, I spied such a sign. Tapped my Maternal Grandmother on the shoulder (In the Front Shot-Gun Seat. I was in-the-back-seat as all good gran-children do)

I poked her in her shoulder and inquired, “Grandmother, does Jesus save Green Stamps?”

(Yes, I Was An Atheist, Even Way Back When)

She, Gran-Mama, Hard-Core-to-the-Core Southern Baptist, was not amused by my question.

She just turned her attention back to the road, With an annoyed ‘Humph’ escaping her mouth, and ignored me.

Graddaddy laughed a faint laugh though.

I Had Won.

See? I was an Atheist, Even Way Back Then.

HaHaHa & Ha!

Rider On The Jesus Storm


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Bogie! Without Bacall. What a Shame!

Just Watch The Intro Video–You May Have To ‘Re-Wind’ It A Mite Because YouTube Is Stupido! Kinda Like Nuestro El Presidente Joe y El Primer Hijo, Hunter


Joe Nailed that name for the Boy.

What does Hunter hunt? Drugs and Pussy.

His Only Claim-to-Fame, but he’s good at it.


Or… Watch the Entire Show

If you have an hour of your life you are not using, that is


The Hunter Biden Song

Frickin’ Brillant!


Hunter Biden filmed himself smoking ‘drugs’ during detox

after ‘dad’ gave him $75k


I smoked a lot of ‘shit’ back in my younger days,

Back in the 19′ Seventies...

Mostly in Sinai Desert


But Unlike Hunter,

I grew up

And Became A Man.

Instead of a Child

1 Corinthians 13:11

And, Yes.

Lance has read Both The Old And New Testaments,

Even though being a ‘Devout’ Atheist

Great Reading of 1 Corinthians 13:

Cred: Paul Nicholas

And Yet, I Gave All That Up–

For Lent–


I am such a smart ass!

“Father Forgive Them;

For They know not what they do”

–Hey Zeus

AKA ‘Jesus’

Cred: Madonna. Uh, Duh


Street Cred for Vid: