WRITERS IN THE STORM–“They Are So Forlorn, And They Eat Cream Corn” I Stole That ‘Corny’ Line From One Of My Ex-Wives: ‘Lisa-The-Shakespearean’

–I Am Stealing This Line From One Of My ‘Favorite’ Ex-Wives… Lisa, The University English Professor. My ‘Teacher’–Once Upon-A-Dime. Until I Fu*ked Her & Marred, er… Married Her.

“In Truth, I Have Not Written A Word.”

The DOORS! Best BAND — Forever!


Writers in the Storm

Writers in the Storm

They are so forlorn

Just tryin’ to be Born

Like a page without a pen

Publish if you can…      

My Muse out there on the road

She’s just tryin’ to get home

She took long holiday

Now you’ve lost your way

Take her by the hand

Make her Understand

Your World on Her Depends

Her World will Never End


But Yours Will

–Lance Marcom, Wanna Be Writer


Added Value:


Song Dedicated to My Wayward Muse

Lena Horne – Stormy Weather (1943)

Cred for share: vintage video clips




Cred for Vid: YVIE R.

I Love Her! Shit Lance! U Love ALL Wimmens! Yes. It Is Stormy Outside… My Internet is Probably Gonna Die Real Soon. Maybe I’ll Find a Good Book to Live In. With a Flashlight. See Next Post to Discover From Where I Stole That Quote.

Fuck Climate!

And Texas Weather!

Lena Horne – Stormy Weather (1943)

She is so much Too Much Beautiful

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