I Know The Next Week Or So Is Supposed To Be About The Queen, But I Have An Over-Active Memory. At Least In My Neurons That Are Still Firing. So Please Read And Weep

And I really fucked up this post. Please accept my One thousand apologies for wasting your mouse click

The Recent Death of the Queen and My Remembrances of Lady Di… Fuk it! Y’all Can Plainly See Which Direction This Train Wreck Is Heading. Or, If You Profess To Profess Professor, You Should Already Know



I LOVE The Lovely Linda! McCartney/Eastman.

Try To Keep Up–Lots of ‘Lindas’ Have Blessed My Life Thru The Years & Beers & Jears & Tears


Welcome To The Lance Anthony Marcom

‘Free Rant-City Emporium’

Free Coffee and Gin

Dive Right In!


Why Must Death be so Permanent?
Now I FINALLY Understand the Want, The NEED for Religion.
We Must Have an After-Life!

We Needed One.

So We Invented One


Peggy Lee – Is That All There Is?

“Well Then, Let’s Break Out The Booze and Have A Ball”

God’s Not Makin’ Broads Like this Anymore.

Why The Fuck Not God?

U So Goddamn Smart

Sorry for the Fun-Pun God.


“Why Doesn’t She Just End It All?” Oh No. Not Me. I’m Not Ready For That Final Disappointment.”

Cred for Share: I Don’t Care. So There!


If Truly True, I Need to be Taken Out Back

And Shot.

In The Head.

Five Times.

“Linda & Lance Went To Mars”

(And They Lived Happily Ever After)

Linda McCartney interview, December 10th 1992

Cred For Shares: promosounds

I’m an Asshole!

I Cannot Help it!

I Have Strong Opinions.

Be They Right or Be They Wrong, They’re Mine. I Own Them. Lock-Stock & Two Barrels—Better Watch Yer Ass!

‘Cause I’m Scrazy-Crazy


The Life and Tragic Ending of Linda McCartney

Makes Me So Sad

I Did Love Her

This Bullshit Vid Below

NOt Very good,

But it is the Only One I could Find

At the present time.

I’d cred this vid, but I have forgotten from Whom I Stole It


I Was in Love With Her Ever Since

“Wings Wild Life”

Shit! I’m lyin—

I was in love with her way before that!

“Some People Never Know”

I’d Like to Believe

That I Know

Paul Did Not Truly Love Her

But Her Untimely Death Really Fucked Him Up

Guess That’s Why He Married That Slut.

She Wasn’t a Slut,

But she Sold Her Soul for a handful of Promised Gold.

Slut? Not She.

“Whore” is The Better Descriptor

Heather Mills:

OK, Maybe She WAS A Slut


But Paul Was Definitely A Sad Old Slut.

And For Shit-Sure I Can Relate…

Me Being Same Same


Sir Paul Should Have Employed A Little More Discretion,

And Shown Some More Respect For The Memory of Linda.

Just Sayin’

Lovely Linda:

Maybe He Truly Did Love Her

Who Couldn’t?



If any out there & reading this and don’t quite ‘get me’–I Have a word you might get:


See? I Just Expanded Your Vocabulary

Feel Free To Thank me Later

And Send Me Some Cash Money

(Use The Dark Brown Envelope)

Cred: BeatlesWives


Just Another Day???

Cred for Vid: Bertierocks1



Fuck You Paul!

You Never Knew What A Treasure You Had Been Blessed to Have

And Then Yu Got Re-Married to Some Slut in Yer Old Age–

Defiling the Memory of Linda!

U Worthless Cunt!

You Should’ve remained celebrate, uh–celibate

That’s what I would’ve done!


Not Really,

But, at the very least, you could’ve stayed home alone with the Brand-Knew,

And no one Who would’ve ever known The Newest Missus McCartney. Or given a flying fuck. But no! We all had to suffer with you. You shoulda stood up, been a man. But I guess that ain’t in yer Jeans

Or Given a shit.

Forgive Me Paul, But You are So





This vid below is the entire point of this pointless post.

Took me a little ‘minuet’ to git to it, but at least I finally did

Yet one more stupid FaceBork Post:

“I gotta repost this post and allow me to enlighten and explain to you why:

At least thirty-three percent of the songs are songs that JOhnny Whitley reminded me of or turned onto for the very first time.

Thank you Johnny:  My good, great newly re-discovered friend from “The Old HG Daze”.

Thank you Johnny. You have brought joy back into my life.

Joy was missing in action.

Now she has returned.

“Welcome back Joy. I have missed you.”

(Muse sitting on the ‘Nasty Couch’ looks up and glares at me)

I am sincere in this statement .

You have not  an idea.

But actually, I’d wager you do.

“Linda Went to Mars.”

And Lance was on that same spaceship….

We were shit-mates

Me and Linda.

And we ENJOYED  the ride.

We did not so much enjoy our “arrival”

You see…

Life is all about the “journey”

Never about the final destination arrival.

Very much so


Oh shit!

I made an esoteric reference

Here is the link:

Shit that makes me happy

Added value: