WIP: Work In Continual Die-Gress! I Guess. Hahahaha! “I LOVE MY TEXAS (And Once Agin, Gin and WP Fucked My Edit–I Forgave The Gin, Not The W’d-Press) But I always find a way to out-nerd the nerds. Lance (and life) Always Finds A Way”



(Lubbock Gal Born & Bred–Never Wed)


Mac (Not The Knife)

Also Lubbock!

“Too Much Gin and Not Enuff Vermouth”

Been There


Willie Nelson – Beautiful Texas

Cred for Vid: ItsWaldo (Walter Brinkman)


And Jackie From Austin

How Much Do I love her?!

‘Hep’ Me Count The Ways

Break out Your Texas Instruments Calculator!

Yer Gonna Need It

Lost In Time

Lose Your Mind

Already There, Wonderful, Beautiful Texan


Got The T-Shirt & Ever’ Thang!



From Jackie Venson

Live in Texas


I miss Peanut so much



And of Course,


(Although He was ‘From’ Arkansas)

Texas Forgave Him that Miss’d-Judgment On His Part

Cred for Vid: melvinrobb


Armadillo By Mornin

Cred: George Strait


Just thought I needed to make

That perfectly clear. Reiterate for the stupid who don’t read the title of MY Blog

Mucho mas to come on this subject


Little Texas – God Blessed Texas:

Lyle & His Large Band:

“That’s Right; You’re NOT From TEXAS”

Tanya! You Texan Slut!





Fuck it! I’ll Drop This In

Just for Grins

No One gonna read it anyway