More Breaking News Bad



The Malaysian Prime Minister, in a gut wrenching announcement this morning announced what we all feared: The Plane Ended its Flight Somewhere Over the Indian Ocean.

He went on to plead that the media respect the privacy of the grieving families.

What is CNN doing all day?

Showing over and over the video of the shattered families. One shot of a woman wailing, prostrate on the floor. Another shot of a woman being carried out on a stretcher. And on and on ad nauseam.

All I can say is What The Fuck CNN!?

Pretty sure Fox is doing the same, but I have not tuned into them.

Breaking Bad News

I only have one question:

How come ev’er thang on CNN (or Fox, or MSNBC) is ‘Breaking News’?

Breaking Mews

Breaking Mews (Bring in the Cats)

I mean to say, that by its very definition, ‘News’ is new, ain’t it? That’s what makes it new ‘news’.

So, therefore, isn’t it all breaking? Or is it just breaking bad. Bad hype? The breaking news is not news to me. They have the same ‘breaking news’ going on for five hours. (I am specifically referring to this breaking news tragedy that we call the ‘Flight From Malaysia.”.

Where is the breaking news of all the victims?

If I see once more the projected flight path after the breaking news of the long prolonged flight path after the much delayed satellite pings…


I am stopping now.

End of rant.

I only hope for the best for the passengers on that flight, but I do fear the worst.