Money, Part Uno Dinero: “Bill Collectors VS Test Tube Babies” Round One–Ladies & Gentlemen, Place Your Bets!

Just Don’t Shut Off My Internet.

I’ll Fuckin’ ALWAYS Pay that!

Even Over Food and Booze!

Certain things are so…

What’s the word?



Nailed it!


So  ISP Service Provider...
Some Things in My World Are Requisite:
Electricity and Internet Being two!

This one is gonna be fun.

Trust me Kids

I took notes

To Be Continued…

Just as soon as I manage to stop laughing!


I am so sorry Kiddoes,

but I just cannot stop laughing over this telephone convo

I just had With Internet ‘Lame-Ass

Internet Service




Bitch wanted mo’ money in a timely fashion.

From me!

And We Had Stomped Upon

The Same Same Grounds

In Ologapo City, PI!

Can Yu Imagine?


She knew the drill!

U.S. Sailors!


P.S. I’ll Cred All The Vids Soon as I Sober Up.

Y’all know I will

This is Just How This Here Cowboy Rolls

Honour and RespectY

Yes/No… I know,,,

Paula ls is Mocking–

-I may be stupid, but I ain’t that stupid.–not that stupid!