White Trash Cookin’ I Wern’t Really Lookin’ But… Preamble to an Incoherent Ramble

Yeah, I’m White Trash.

So What?

Please Stand By

I’ll Git Back to This

But Right Now I am searching for my ran away Sack of Chicken Leg-Quarters…


Chicken Truck Chicken Truck.

Just My Luck!

Ed Note: I Forgot this vid far too long. Please accept my one thousand

Cred: John Anderson. I Think. Please Don’t Quote Me

White Trash?

Say Ma!

Street Cred: “White Trash” – Tom MacDonald & Madchild

Laughing My Fukken AZZ Off! Sometimes Y’all Just Gotta Laugh To Keep From Crying–For Our Country

And if You caint take a Yoke, there will be

No Omelets in Your Future.

Jes sayin’

‘Nuff Said


Axe Madman Who Smashed NYC McDonald’s Was Released

Without Bail



New Jork! New Jork!

If You Can Make it There…

Forget It!

I’ll Take A Pass If You Don’t Mind

Someone Recently ‘Discovered’ ‘Liked’ This—So Natch! What Does Ass-Hole Lance Do? Re-Fresh Re-Writes & Re-Spams! oF Corse! Yeah! Of Course!–

Matter Of Natural Progression–

Thank You, Darwin.


“And Take Yer Sweet Time WP”

(Why Do It Take You Six Days To Up-Load My Shit?)

While You Wait For Me To Lose My Train…

Of Thought”

“Just Watch The Movie”

My “Spelling” Always Lacks Something

Some Understanding

To Be Aspired…

Or Desired

I Am Forever




C’est Moi!


An Ass-Hole Is Always An Ass-Hole!

Of Course

Of Course!

Just Like A Horse!

Cred Fer Share: Steven No-Body


Here is his LanceLot Link Link:


(Yeah! Re-Dumb-Dant!)


“The Reports Of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.” –Mark Twain (And Now Shamelessly Stolen By Lance Marcom)

Unknown Brain – Dead (ft. KAZHI)

Laughing My Fu^king Ass Off!

This is a True, Recent Story: Not Something From ‘The Archives.’

No Names Have Been Changed To Protect Innocents

(Because I Don’t Know Any)


It was recently brought to my attention that there is a rumor making the circuit in My Home Town of Honey Grove:

“Lance Marcom Was Found to be Dead.”

(Not sure where or why or how they found me, but those would just be superfluous details—no need for them—not in a small Texas Town)  

And ‘THOSE‘ would (most likely) just be Tales Told By Idiots, Full Of Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing

–Sorry Will

Of course this made me laugh hysterically—and also made my day—no such thing as ‘bad press’ for a wanna-be fledgling writer.

So, ‘Thank-You-Very-Mucho-Much’ to whoever started this story.

While I was still laughing my ass off on the phone with my very good old friend who had brought this News to me, a brilliant idea began to gestate in my mind:

“Hey Johnny! Let’s run with this. You tell everyone that you have confirmed the veracity of this report. Then you set up a GoFundMe page for the Funeral Expenses—Should Fly—My Poverty is Well-Documented.

We’ll split the ‘Charitable’ Proceeds 50/50.”

(I have always had a bit of larceny in my bones and in my genes and in my heart)

“I’m on it.” said Johnny, “But do you honestly think anyone gives a shit about “Lance Marcom?”

“Print Up some Flyers; scatter them around in Ladonia–the ‘Marcom Name’ still carries a bit of weight there, Because of My Grandfather.

You know of him. He was the Town Doctor who would accept chickens, or pigs, or heifers, in lieu of money. He was loved and belov’d.”

I detected a ‘smirk’ (Remotely–on my Smart-Phone) crawling all-over-the-face of my Friend at the mention of ‘Heifers.’

“Johnny, they were ‘four-legg’d heifers–that’s all.’ My Grandfather Marcom was a Fucking Methodist!

And Allow me to reiterate.

I’ve been riding fare-free and care-free on his ‘Fame-Train’ all my life. “

Plan Incubated and Hatched—Now for the execution of same—no Pun


As an aside, if the Police Do Get Involved, The Numero-Uno Prime Suspect Will Be Guess Who?



“I’m not dead.  I feel fine. Think I’ll go for a walk…”

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I Am Trash!

My ‘Cook-Book’

(I Keep It Handy–Next To My Wood Stove)

And Yes!

I’ve Read It.



Sure Not A-Ashamed of it!

I AM Trash

White Trash

Most of MY Friends are Black an’ Brown

So What?

I live in A shit hole

I doan SEE Coler Couler…’

I ‘see’ good Peaples

Most of whom are black an’ Brown

I di-gress, I guess…

My point, If I had one…

I do Not see ‘Coler

I See Good people.

Only GOOD People!

I Only See good Peoples

I Want to BE One of Them

Jack Johnson – Good Peoples:

Jimmy Buffett – Good Guys Win


Wasted In Margarita-“Vile”

But Oh So Happy! Happy Happy!


in On Spo Cake

(Why Is TherE No Sound?)


I Fukk’D UP




I’ll ‘Fix’ It O’ Later

Or Maybe…



Most Likely