So, The Commerce PD Just Arrested ME. Arrested Me & Returned me to the Hospitably Hos-spittal -al. And All that Magical Magic Would Entail For Me: The Commerce, American Hospital.

Long story ‘Bout Me–

Maybee Later I’ll Tell The Story.

Trust Me: It Ain’t Easy Being Me.

True  Story

At least I got me a souvenir:

Get Well Soon!

Cred for vid: =


I Know! I Know! I Know!! I Know I Know I know I KNOW I … I Know I Know I Know I Know I Know I am, Am A Too Fu*king Well-KNOWN Moron.–What of It?

Being Well-Known and Eight Bits Might, Just Might

Get You A Cup Of Coffee.

If You’re Lucky And Have Not Sinned Recently.

Guess That Counts ME Out


Asshole! I KNOw I KnOw I know I’m a Fukking asshole! I am, A fuckkking Asshole! But I AM not f*CkIN’ sTUpId!

“Shoot Low Sir; I Think she’s Riding a Shetland.”

I Know! Hand Me the Rifle, watch this and STFU!

I Know I Know I Know…


Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine

Did Y’all Count the “I Knows?”

I Know I know That I did.

I Counted Twenty-Four–

But then, I’m see’in’ Double

Foreigner – Double Vision:


Yer Mileage May Vary

Cred for Vid: Andres Trevino


Texas ain’t ’bout SHit

She is sublime!

In My Mind!

I Created Her In My Mind-Time

But! Go Ahead!

Spend a dime!

Take some Time

And Go Ahead

Live With Me!


My Vain Fantasy!

Shoot Low Sir; I Think she’s Riding a Shetland.


“Deep In The Heart Of Texas”


I made her

(My Muse)

In My Mind!


I will expand on thIS LAtR


(iF yer Lucky)

This is SEXIST aSK

Ask me hoW maNY Fuks

I Don’t Give!

God Blesse’d Texas!

Fun Fact:

Rhonda and I, My Second or Third,

Lived Less Than Three Mile From

SouthFork “Ranch”,

In Plain’Oh


Our Tailor PARK

Was Called


I am NOT

Making This Up!

U Can Look it Up!

(It is Still There!)

But they No Longer Call Them

“Trailer Parks”

They are Now…

“Mobile-Home Communities

Fuk Me!

I am Just Plain ‘Ol White Trash


Proud of it


You Broke it!

You Fix it!

I don’t C’AAre, Nor gi\ve a fuk!

All the Y’alls


Friday Night Lights:

All the Y’alls from Tami Taylor

Yu Fix This Chocolate Mess!

I don’t Have The Time

WP is Stupid…

It is NOT Even Intuitive!—

This is ‘Tweenty-One

Hav’ Fun!

Cred: Chris Spags Ate all, Y’all

& K.Ryan Jones (I Think)

And, Please Don’t Quote Me

(I Have More Than Enough Illegal Troubles Already)


Lyle, I LOVE IT!”

Watch This GD it

More Bonus OnUS!

The Idiot And The Odyssey. Oh My Fukken Gawd! Lost At Sea! But I Got A One-Way Ticket For My “Destination” ‘Destination?’–I Suppose San Dog Must Suffice (In-A-Pinch Of Vice)

What An Idiot And An Odyssey!

I Shall Re-Count This,

Just As Soon as I Sober-up and Re-Discover Sobriety

Kris K: Native TEXAN!

The ‘Perfect’ Sailor Song!

“A Nod Is As Good As A Wink To A Blind Horse” (Or An Alcoholic) And Fuk This Post! I’ll Fix It Later. Much LATER! Maybe. Maybe Not. Probably Not.

Miss Judy’s Farm

Just An Amble Of A Pre-Amble



I Am ‘Werkin / Twerkin’


That Below Is NOT Really Me!

(But A Reasonable Facsimile)


“Nudge Nudge”


Monty Python


Teaser! Teaser! Cabin Fever!


Just A Future Post I Have In-My-Head


Just Fer Fun!

Ever Known One Of These Chicks Like These?

I Know I Have

Katy Perry – Roar PARODY

Street Cred: Wassabi


And Just Because I Am A Texan Gentleman…

And Not A Complete Moron…

Credit Where Credit Is Due:

Running On Empty. I Despise This Ass-Hole: (No Action-Jackson) But I Love His Music! Lance Has Always Been A Pretender, A Usurper of The Throne–A Fake Cowboy-Wanna-Be-Man

But I Discovered Redemption (In Leonard Cohen)

“All I Ever Learned From Love Was How To Out Shoot Someone Who Out-Drew You” Ye

Maybe there’s a God above
But all I’ve ever learned from love
Was how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya
And it’s not a cry that you hear at night
It’s not somebody who’s seen the light
It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah

Ah! I Learned That! From An Early Age!

“Hallelujah! You Mother-Fuckers!”


Jackson Browne Was / Is A Misogynist. And An Idiot! But I Kinda, Sorta, Forgave Him That. Not Really! Do NOT Even Ask Me How Nor Why.

Never, Ever Ask Me Questions! But Y’all Know, How Much I Love, Respect, And Admire Women… Especially The Texan-Variety–Fuk U Jackson Browne!

Joni! WTF Were You Thinking? Drinking?

I Cannot Fix This Image. Believe Me: I Tried.

Multiple Times.

(Not really—He is An Asshole–I Do Not Tolerate Abuse of Women–Well-Documented By Me In These Pages)

But Also Documented By Me:

I Appreciate The Art,

Even If The ‘Artist’ Is An Asshole.


But I liked him anyway

Or/And His music.

I really did like his music.

(I could not help it)

Run Away Idiot

Cred for Vid Share: Megan Smith

The Pretender!

Pretending To Be a Real Man:

Fuck U Jacs–Off – Browne

You Fake-A-Zoid Worthless Mother-Fucker!

Two Missionaries Came, Un-Solicited A-Knocking, Actually Pounding, Rather Vociferously, at My Door–

I Was Endeavoring to Take-A-Much-Needed Nap But, Oh Hell No! They Would Not, Or Could Not… Be Sated. So, What Did This Cowboy Do? Decided To Fu*K Wid Dem!

Yet, I Aswered their Much needed / Heeded Call–Might Have Been a Damsel-in-Distress–For All I Knew…

Oh, Hell No!

Just two Morons!

“Oh Lord, Please Forgive Them—For They Know Not What They Do, Nor Who They Were Fukken With”

And of course I was Respectful–I am NOT a Complete Moron! Had They Been Mormons From Utah, I would have introduced them to the under-side of my boots, but these were Texans, and being same, deserved some semblance of my respect. I invited them in…

I AM Only a Half-Way Moron.

And Let Me ‘En-Lighten Y’all:

Neither One Looked Even Remotely Like Emmy Lou.

If’n They Had,

Things May have Gone Off Some-What Smoother for Them…

But, Alas.

I DID Try To Explain to These Two Idiots How Much I Respected Folks of Faith.

But I am an Atheist.

“Forever how long?” One inquired.

“Ever since I learned to read,” I responded.

Our ‘Conversation’ kinda went South after that.


There’s a Hallelujah on The Lips Of All Good Dyin’ Men

The High-Women

“Heaven is a Honky-Tonk”

My Relationship with ‘God’ is rather, shall we say, ‘Complicated’

Flew, Like One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Right Over Their Heads…

Again, Alas. I gave Up

And then I Cordially Invited Them to Go Get Fu*kd


I love You!

For You and You Alone,

I would go to Church


Bull-Shit Department:

Cred: Carlin


NO! I Learned to Read

Story at Eleven

To Be Continued.

I Have Only Scratched the Surface of

This Holy Encounter

Stray Tuned