New Awlins

Sharon has kindly put up this wonderful art and fact sheet about Louisiana and just in time for my posts about my misadventures in Lake Charles
Quite certain it is coincidental. But it serves well. Check out her beautiful work. She has a Texan Version (which is of course MY Favorite)
Thank you Sharon.

Then there is this

Real Good. Really Good. Really Good For Free

Been watchin’ this vid

over and over and over past few days.

Why? I suppose it’s because I have discovered the HBO gig: Treme.

New Orleans!

It’s mostly about music, street music and street musicians. And I love it. Highly reccomend it. Also recommend Spike Lee’s documentary on NOLA and Katrina: When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts 

Joni’s performance of “For Free” has always moved me, but now it has more meaning and I finally ‘get it’.

Take a look.

–Lancers: A Real Good Blog (For Free)

Tell all yer friends, y’all.