I love This Woman! Laura Ingraham: She Always Nails IT. (More Clown World!)



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Have We Lost Our Minds?
Or Is There Hope For America?
I Am The Eternal Cock-Eyed Optimist
So Let’s Sailor On!

Cock-Eyed Optimist!


Tom MacDonald – “Clown World”

Tom MacDonald – “Cancelled”

(IMHO This Man is a Genius)


Popeye Lance


“There’s No way That You Can Stop Me”

–Tom MacDonald

Breaking Bad News

I only have one question:

How come ev’er thang on CNN (or Fox, or MSNBC) is ‘Breaking News’?

Breaking Mews

Breaking Mews (Bring in the Cats)

I mean to say, that by its very definition, ‘News’ is new, ain’t it? That’s what makes it new ‘news’.

So, therefore, isn’t it all breaking? Or is it just breaking bad. Bad hype? The breaking news is not news to me. They have the same ‘breaking news’ going on for five hours. (I am specifically referring to this breaking news tragedy that we call the ‘Flight From Malaysia.”.

Where is the breaking news of all the victims?

If I see once more the projected flight path after the breaking news of the long prolonged flight path after the much delayed satellite pings…


I am stopping now.

End of rant.

I only hope for the best for the passengers on that flight, but I do fear the worst.