I Have a Very Complicated, Personal–Historical Relationship With Religion–Needless to Say–And Yes. I Have Been To The Holy Land, Jerusalem. Far Too Many Times to Count, Or To Re-Count.

I was ‘Moved’ in Jerusalem, but not by God.

Mostly ‘Moved’ by the Arab Street Vendors

Peddling their

‘Jesus Trinkets’


This Shall Be A WIP. I was Once a Christian in My Youth–Then I Grew Up. And Learned to Read. I Have Been to The ‘Holy’ Land! Have You?

R.E.M. – Losing My Religion

“That Was Just a Dream”

Then I Woke Up.

Cred for Vid Share: remhq

Give Me Some Time.

“You Are Not Me”

Don’t Even Try


P.S. I LOVE Jerusalem.

Been There too many Times to Re-count