OK. Very Last Re-Run, Then I’m Done. Believe me? Good. I Also Have A Bridge For-Sale, (Not Cheap, But Affordable)

“Glen Miller Kicked Some Serious Ass! Kinda-Sorta Updated–For Our Current ‘Happy Times’–Please Enjoy Please”

I Love Our Rich American Culture!
I love My Having Been Blessed

To Have Been Born An American.
And Yes!
I Am A Veteran!

Erstwhile Vegetarian

(… Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone; they will take away my Texan Citizenship)

(And A Patriot!)

And I love My Country!

Wanna Test The Veracity of My Statement?

Well, Stand By For Heavy Rolls!

As The Shit Hits Your Fan!

I’ve got a Gal in Kalamazoo

Singer Cred: Tex Beneke.

Just Gotta Love A Guy Whose First Name is “TEX”

Cred for Lady Vocalist: Marion Hutton.

And Mad Props to all Them Other ‘Et-Als” Also Appearing.

Cred for Vid Share: afftechmei


Tuxedo Junction

Listen to the MC:

He says, and I quote:

“Here’s Glen Miller; he’s back with his horn and ready to beat it off.”

I ’bout fell out my chair when I heard that!


Chattanooga Choo Choo

Perhaps Y’all May Come To Understand my



Connection to this.

Sam Houston:

First President of

“The Republic of Texas

Former Guv of Tennessee, Drunkard. Great, Brave Man.

Soldier of the First Order

Military Genius

He Retains a Special Place In My Heart.

I Admire Him.

He married a Cherokee

“After running away from his family as a teenager, Houston lived for nearly three years with the Cherokee tribe in eastern Tennessee. …

There, the tribe formally adopted him, and he married a Cherokee woman, Tiana Rogers, in a tribal ceremony.”




Fuckin’ Right???



Added Value Bonus/Onus/… Own us?


Bonus Below

I love these broads!

Cliché? Yeah,

But “The Greatest Generation” of our Nation.

Isn’t it amazin’ how we used to be a happy nation, even in the middle of a fucking World War? Somewhere we lost our lust of life and sense of humor. Now all we seem to wanna do is be assholes to one another….

Whoever don’t agree with our politics. Makes me fucking sad. Someone send me a time machine. I want live somewhere else, some other decade.


And just for fun:



More Bonus/’Added-Value’ Bull-Shite

You’re Welcome

Am I “Pre-Propose’d” I Suppose… To Eat Up All This Trite Shite? This ‘Healthy Shite?’ This Tripe? Or, As We Used To Say In My Nav: “As Long As It Makes A Turd.”

I Don’t Think So. I Just Wanna Enjoy My Life.

As Much As Of It That Remains Anyhow

Ed. Note:

I ‘Added’ A Lot of Shite To This Post–

Fun Fac: Liza’s Mom Was Judy–

But I Do NOT Wish To Insult Your Intelligence–

Y’all Already Know This!

Mostly Minnelli.

Survey Sez:

“Check It Out”


Lisa With A “Z”


I Will Fuk U UP!

If You Ever Do

“Come Hear The Music Play”

I am gonna lie down Now

I Think I Have Hard-Nailed My Point

Poss’d of All of all the Painful Sins


But My Mommy Had More Ambitions For Me.

“A Dime in Time Saves… Uh… Lemme Guess…

Ten Cents?”

Coin Flip Lands on Side/Edge

Cred: Creezy

I’m Shittin’ On A Rainbow”

Fred Sanford: Forever Cock-Eyed Optimist.

As Am I!



Johnny Mercer –

Accentuate The Positive:


What Are the Odds?


“A Dime Only Lands On it’s Edge–

Once in a Life-Time–“

I Just made that up!

Good For Me!

You’re Kidding Me Right?

Bring Me A Slice Of Pizza!

Triple Cheese!

Double Cholesterol & Be Damn Quick About It!

I Don’t Have Much Time.

Cred For Vid: Bobfunk96


I Have But One Life’s Coin To Spend

I Plan To Spend It Wisely

Pizza Russian Roulette:

Screw It!

Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off!

(I Know I Keep Droppin’ This One In–But I LOVE It!)

So There!


I love her hat—Just





The Bugs/Roaches Are Runnin’ Rampant In My


And I Cannot Find My Bug-Spray

I Don’t Care!

Why Cannot We All Just Live Together?

Cred: Sade


So I’m Patiently Waitin’ For My ‘Edit’ to Post–

Gonna Take Some Years and Not Just A Few Beers

Fuk U WP!

More Patriotic Navy Stuff I Love: U.S. Naval Destroyers

Specifically DDG’s–Guided Missile Destroyers

I Served On The USS Callaghan, DDG 994–I LOVED Her.

She took me and My Shipmates Around The World in ’86


Basically, We Destroy Stuf

We Hurt People And We Break Things

That’s Our Job

And We Are Very Good At It”

Life On A U.S. Navy Destroyer

Credit: Gung Ho Vids