A Brief Scholarly Discussion with Peanut Concerning The Merits of Pimento Cheese

Jimmy ‘Peanut’ Piland & Daughter

P’Nut and I were on our way to Galveston for yet another shark-chasin’ adventure. We had stopped briefly at a Brookshire’s to purchase some provisions.

As we were driving south down I-45 we had this ‘friendly’ tête-à-tête:

“Many-Feet” Peanut began.


“Many-Feet” he continued. “Why’d you buy that minnow cheese? No body eats that shit.”

“Peanut, it is not ‘minnow’ cheese. It is ‘Pimento’ Cheese. And I like it.”

“Just some nasty shit. All I’m sayin’”

“’Nut, go get fucked. I’m bringing it. I LIKE it!”

We were driving seventy-miles per hour on the highway.

A slap-fight ensued.

(We did this often—the slapping the shit out of each other while driving at too high a rate of speed—we were brothers. What we did– Famous for it. We often survived it, mostly unscathed.)


Damn you Peanut!

I miss you! You fucking crazy asshole!

Seriously Related and belated.


As we used to write in the ‘Ship’s Log’ in the Navy:

‘Late Entry’