I Got’s/Gettin’ H’angry (Avec Angry Hunger Pains/Games)

“White Trash”

– Tom MacDonald & Madchild

Wanna Know Whut’s On Tonight’s Menu?

Of Course Y’all Do!

Here Ya go!

(I Love MY Life!)

The Lowly Pinto Bean!

God’s Gift!

To Lowly White Trash!

Like Me!


Wanna Join Me?

All Are Welcome!

Just Please Wipe Yer feets

A’Fore You Enter My Pristine / Clean

Sanitized-Fer-Yer Protection,



I gots Yea & Mo’ Plenty Fer All!

“Take Yer Shoes off

Set a-spell”

Y’all Come Back Now,

Ya Hear!

And For Desert:

Cris To LeDoux:


Yes, I know: It Ain’t Thursday

But I swerved into this long-forgotten post, I posted while shall we say, I was ‘discombobulated?’

Incredible to me now, how this one survived the sober editing floor, and yet here it remains, sucking up Bandwidth. So now, I share my shameful pain with those who have never experienced this wonder…

And certainly comments are welcome. Especially if they be mocking, for self-deprecation is my forte. (and my compass)

(What the fuck was I thinking???)

Oh, and by the way: Please do not follow the links: For that way lies madness.


“Generally, I do Not Like to Step on My Dick”

(Would love to, but he  has left the building)


I will make an exception (in this case)

I love Blondie (Debbie Harry)



Now… this post will knock my previous posts off your hit parade.

I know this

And I care not

(‘actuarily’ I do)

But who cares?

Watch the video, and take a trip back to the Eighties

Why not?

Call me:


(I lied: it is GMail)

And… if you figg3r that out… Here’s to Texas!


I Heart 🙂 Madonna too:

“Last night I dreamt of some bagels

Go Figure