“PISS OFF” PROFANITY! LOTS OF! Danger Will & Wilhelmina Robinson! May Be Offensive. OMG! I Had Forgotten About This One. (Some Lost Soul Recently Liked It) Now Expanded With Even MORE PISS!

Lenny Bruce – ‘Pissing In The Sink’ Bit (Rare, 1965)

Street Cred for Sharing Vid: Niall James Holohan Unofficial


Some BITCH Neighbor

Not Timothy—who has not hit me up for a free beer in over a week Now—“Thank you, Tim”

Oh, and by the way:

I am NOT drinking for two.

Some Neighbor BITCH Came Pounding



I Thought No One Stupid Enough To Tempt Fate In This Way

“Why do you flush the toilet so much?” She asked.

Apparently she can hear my toilet flush through the wall and it disturbs her fucking concentration.

I just stared at Her

“Why do you Flush so much?” She asked again.

“I flush so much because I piss so much.

I Piss So Much Because I DRINK So Much.”

“Maybe You shouldn’t drink so much.”

Cred: rejectedburrito

“Fuck off and get outta my face before I am tempted to fucking do something stupid I may or may not regret. But for your benefit, from now on I will piss in the fucking sink. I’ll do that for you.


She Ran Away


Cannot Imagine Why

Fucking Coward.

Pretty sure there will be repercussions for my rude behavior and I will be forced to pay for my sins.

Guess how many fucks I give.

 Cred: #nofuckslefttogive


Bonus Round:

Justin Case I Have Not Managed

To Piss (No Pun) You Off Enuff Yet:

“Christ and Moses, Come On Down”

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Jerry Jeff Walker Pissin’ In The Wind

(Not Great Quality, But Best I Can Muster At-This-Moment-In-Time)

Cred For Vid Share: XOkie


Re-Werk’d, Re-Twerk’d With–All My Might! As I ‘Liked’. Boohoo For Hollywood! Hahaha! Hollywood! Joke on Three Wheels! And One’s Flat. Splat!

I am so Pissed Off Right Now!

Not Really Pissed,

For, As Y’all Know,


Louise Brooks: Original “It Girl”

I Have NO Idea Who This Is, But I LOVE Her!

And I Shall Forever Remain A

‘Cock-Eyed Optimist’

What Choice Do I Have?

(As I Watch Our American Film Culture Go To Shite?)

Crit Drinker is

So Much More Eloquent & Intelligent Than I.

An’ He Ain’t Even ‘Murican!’

Yet, Perhaps There is HOPE On The Event-Horizon


We Did Not Invent The Art But We Perfected The Art And Then We Glued Stars and Stripes All Over it. Took Our ‘Road-Show’ On The Road! Envy of The Entire World!

Gave It Away For Free

Then What Happened?

We Shite All Over It!

In the Name of


Makes Me Want To Throw-Up In My Mouth!

But, We’ll See…

I Just Don’t know, But

It Breaks My Heart On So Many Levels,

It Is Impossible To Enumerate

All The Reasons Why


Madonna – You’ll See (Official Video)


Days of Futures Past Over?

Street Cred for Vid: kherrick90


“Let’s Us Go On With The Show”

Credit: TOPPOP: Star sisters

“Any barmaid can be a star-made”


Hey Film Buffs!
This (Below) is Required Watching!

Right On!

Spot On!

Dead On!

Thank YOU! Critical Drinker Man!

You Nailed My Same Same Sentiment!

Visit Crit Drinker Here Below:


The Genesis of all this Bullshit

(Thank You Marlon)


And No!
I also did NOT watch ‘The Oscars’ on My Tee-Vee Either.

I had Something Better to Do!

Like Picking The Lint Outta My Belly-Button.

(Which Was More Gratifying & Satisfying)


Golden Age
Lost Now–Magic Has Gone
Never Get It Back
That Ship Has Sailed
Missing Somewhere Over That Recent Rainbow…

My father used to tell a great story about some university asshole who was trying to impress him:

Dude said,

“The reason Wizard of Oz was in Black and White was because in the beginning, 1939, they really did not have color film.”

Daddy replied, “That is fascinating. I suppose when Dorothy got back to Kansas, they had lost that technology, as it went back to black and white.”

Come On!

Get Happy!!

For those who don’t know, Judy stole the ‘Sinatra Look’ (and his hat) Fun fact. Just my observation….

Goddamn! But she was sexy!

What a Dame!

Judy! Judy! Judy!


No Business Like Show Business….
Adding-dumb Dumb da Dumb

(I miss my Daddy; He loved Old Movies)




(Again: Bring Your Own Dresses)

Are These Three Broads The ‘Future’ of Hollywood?

(Actually, I Think They Are All The Same Broad)

But, DAMN!

They’re Good!

It’s Silly and Stupid

(But Rather Endearing):


I love My Oh So Rich American Culture–I Ain’t Rich, but surely you know what I mean.

I love my excesses

Bring your own dresses


Am I gay?


No Way!

I don’t Play that way.

(I just Color outside the lines.)


I Was In Re-Hab For Six Days.

Gonna Take Me Six Weeks to Catch Up

On au courant Events

I “Suffered’ At Glen Oaks!

I am a news junkie

Don’t You See?