Thank You Steven For “Forcing” Me To Re-Post This One.

Rejoice Dear Hearts!

Ain’t Nothin’ But Good Times Ahead!

The Good Old Days Are



Well, Come November Mid-Terms Anyhow

That’s ‘Right’ Kiddoes:

Lance is Driftin’ Slightly To Starboard

Meet me in September, Errr.

I Mean November!

Please Check Back Early & Often.

I Have Some Kind of Sneaky Suspicion

This Post Remains a WIP

Stay Tuned!


Bill Wurtz

Genius Man!

“Sing Me A Strong Song And I Won’t Give UP”

“Rejoice Children of Splendor”

–Brother Dave Gardner

May Require A ‘Trigger Warning’

Jes Sayin’

I’ll Leave It To Y’all To Figure Out Why

I don’t want no fat liver

Cred Fer Share: –mauricemorning

Brother Dave Gardner

“Red River Valley”

Cred for Share: Perry Amberson


And Don’t Forget Y’all:

ALWAYS Try A Little Kindness


If That Don’t Work, You Are Obviously Dealin’ With An Asshole.

So Go Ahead:

Feel Free to Stomp The Ever-Lovin’ Shit Outta Him.

You Will Have My Blessing

I Ain’t no Saint,

But I Will Never Turn My Back On My Fellow Man
(Or WoMan)

I have given more money than I could spare…

To the Homeless.

No Brag, Just fact.

No one was there to take A Photo


I Just did it.

Because I am a Good, Caring, Loving, Decent Man

And I Understand the Plight

(There but for the Grace of God Go I)

Of Those Who Have Taken On Hard Times

With All Their Might

Just Think About It For A Moment

There are so many reasons today to rejoice.

We are living in wonderful, so alive, so vibrant times.


Ponder this: you can communicate with anyone in the world at any time with just a mouse click or a keyboard strike.

Could anyone have imagined this just a decade or so ago?

The opportunities we have today!

It blows my mind (what little is left of it).

But there is enough of it left to fully appreciate how fortunate we are.

As Carly once sang:

“These are the Good Old Days.”

And we are living them. Right Now

Trust me on this one folks.

Appreciate what we have here.

Do not squander these opportunities to be ‘social.’

This is what it means to be ‘human.’ To be social. It is genetic, hard-wired into our psyche. It is what makes us, Us.

If it weren’t, we would never have evolved into what we are.

And hence, we would not be here today to watch cute cat videos.

(And ever’ once in a while, have some meaningful conversation on the Inter-Webs)

Be Kind: Rewind. And recall the bad old dark days and appreciate what we have now:


Moody Blues:

“Lovely to See You Again,

My Friend”

Think about what we have going on here.

So, do not waste any opportunity to reach out if something is important and moves you.

But save the cute cat videos for later: we have seen them all—just kidding.

If You’re Happy And You Know It…

Cred: Super Simple Songs – Kids Songs


End of rant

Thank You.

Drive Through.



Just Chillin’

“These ARE The GOOD Old Days”


Added Value Below

Just Because I am Crushed by A Crush

“In Your Dreams Lance”

In My Dreams

Artist: Lanie Gardner

Vid Cred: Thrifty Mint

Positive Vibes!

Uncle Bob

“Live if ya Wanna Live!”

Stay Positive Y’all!

I have Been in-Love With Elizabeth Montgomery ,

Since…. Since ….

Since Forever!

Endeavor to Ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive! Hey Lib-Tards! Oh! I’m So Fukkin’ Sorry For Lovin’ And Servin’ The Country I Love So Fu*kin; Much!

Why The Hell Do You Think I Enlisted in The US Fu*kin’ Navy?

Sure! Some of it was My Ego!

I Thought I Could Become a Fu*kin’ NAVY FRICKEN SEAL

Guess What?

That did Not Pan Out For Me!

Fu*kin’ Twice!

Did I Blame Anyone But Me?

Of Course Not!

(Wow! there’s too mucho mas profanity in this post! But! I am fuckin’ Sailor! Ignore or block me!)





Author’s Note and Warning

How I hear my “inner post Voice”:

Or, if you prefer,

“Clang Clang Clang Went My Folly”

Maybe THIS Version Won’t


Three Fu*kin’ Decades To Load!

Here’s to Hopin’!

My Daddy, Ralph A. Marcom,


once said something incredible stupid to me. Actually it was more of a lament.

He was just thinking out loud, I suppose.

I was knee – deep in my rehearsals with Sister Madelyn, getting ready to perform “The Sound of Music” — read about that somewhere else in these pages. Anyway, he said to me, or asked me: “Why don’t kids ever get together and say, “Let’s put on a show?”

I said, “Daddy, ‘Summer – Stock’ was just a fantasy. No one ever lived that.”

I think that was the beginning of the ending of my relationship, my good one, with my father.

Summer Stock, Le Trailer:

Yay! Hooray!

Vid Cred: Panos Golfis

Vid Cred: pokeahugkiss

Street Cred for Vid: kherrick90

Credit: TOPPOP: Star sisters

“Any barmaid can be a star-made”


Hey Film Buffs!
This (Below) is Required Watching!

Right On!

Spot On!

Dead On!

Thank YOU! Critical Drinker Man!

You Nailed My Same Same Sentiment!

Visit Crit Drinker Here Below:

The Genesis of all this Bullshit:


And No!
I also did NOT watch ‘The Oscars’ on My Tee-Vee Either.

I had Something Better to Do!

Like Picking The Lint Outta My Belly-Button.

(Which Was More Gratifying & Satisfying)


Golden Age
Lost Now–Magic Has Gone
Never Get It Back
That Ship Has Sailed
Missing Somewhere Over That Recent Rainbow…

My father used to tell a great story about some university asshole who was trying to impress him:

Dude said,

“The reason Wizard of Oz was in Black and White was because in the beginning, 1939, they really did not have color film.”

Daddy replied, “That is fascinating. I suppose when Dorothy got back to Kansas, they had lost that technology, as it went back to black and white.”

Come On!

Get Happy!!

What a Dame!

Judy! Judy! Judy!

There definitely ain’t nothin’ like a dame


No Business Like Show Business….
Adding-dumb Dumb da Dumb

(I miss my Daddy; He loved Old Movies)




(Bring Your Own Dresses)

Of course the Andrews Sisters Inter-text did not escape me.

It’s Silly and Stupid

(But Rather Endearing) :


I love My Oh So Rich American Culture–I Ain’t Rich, but surely you know what I mean.

I love my excesses

Bring your own dresses


Am I gay?


No Way!

I don’t Play that way.

(I just Color outside the lines.)