Having Received My SS Check Early (For Once Upon A Life-Line) I Turned My Mouse House UP-Side Down Searching For My Check Book.

And Yes, I Looked High an’ I Looked Low…

Discovered NO Satisfaction.

What – Ever Does This Mean? You May Ask.

It Means, Dear Reader,

Means I Cannot PAY MY RENT Today.

And It is Already


Way Too Late

Way Past DUE!

Now I Run The Very Real POSSIBILITY, Risk,

Of Being



Once Again


And BTW,

Anybody Wanna Walk Around in My Shoes For A Spell?

Thought Not, But Compelled to Ask


No Satisfy!


Went Searchin’ For A Rainbow…

Found None

Cred: MTB. Duh!



All To No Avail

And Bank Don’t Open ‘Til Monday

Case of the Mondays

***Heavy Sigh***



Not Sure This.

No Matter.

Still in My Mouse House,

Though Not Sure Where.

Dyin’ Room


No Satisfaction!


Once Again.

And THIS Time,

I’m All Out of Options


Breaks Down Like This:

A. My Vehicle is Being Held Hostage At The Automotive Repair Shop, Awaiting Ransom

B. I Have Not The Funds For The Ransom at-this-Moment

C. My Life is a Train Wreck

D. My Land-Lady’s Sense O’ Humor and Patience Has Dun Run Out.

And, Yes:

My Life is as a Train Wreck

E. And Like A Hurricane


What If Earth (And Lance) got Kicked Out of the Solar System?

Street Cred For Vid: Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell