Indigo Girls. A Revisit: CALLEN

One night we got into an argument.


That is WRONG.

We had a minor ‘disagreement.’ over some bullshit.

Callen was too sweet to get into an argument.

(And I was so very fond of her)

I would never, ever, ever do anything to truly upset her.

She had one broken wing.

I wasn’t gonna break the other one.

She had that one broken wing, but she still had a good one.

She could still fly.

I was not the man to ground her.

She had a fantastic lust for life.

I was sorta, No! I was madly in love with her…

But I’d Never admit to that.

No Sir:

Not This Cowboy.

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“You’re INVITED!” This Is A True Story. A “No-Shitter” In The Nav Vernac–

No Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Innocent,

‘Cause They Ain’t None To Be Found Up-In-He’ah.


Been There

Did That!

Tried That


Well, At Least I showed Up


“Been Around The World–Twice–

Seen Two White Whales Fuk”


And I Could Shoot Straight

My Only Saving Grace!


I am more than quite certain Y’all have been chompin’ at the bit to understand how BUD/s (SEAL) Classes are ‘Formed Up’ in

Coronado, California.

I am here to ‘Educate’ You

Yer Welcome in Advance.

Back when I got my ‘Suicide Chit’ approved (second time) to ‘Attend BUD/s’ Training—Second Attempt.

I was floating about off the Coast of San Dog—Having Completed My ‘Round-The-Whurl’ ‘Cruise—Love Boat, That Weren’t, but that is a different Post…


Here is how it ‘Works:’

Three or so weeks B4 ‘Class-Up’ Day, all the ‘Stragglers’ an’ Wanna-Be’s Come Descending upon Coronado/ Nav Spec-Warfare Command.

To ‘Kill’ the Time, and to ensure we don’t get ‘fat’, we are assigned a BUD/s Instructor to-keep-our Minds-‘Occupied.

We Run

We Crawl

We get wet an’ Sandy.


Just so we NEVER  Forget why we showed up in-this-first-Place.

My “New” Class—One-Five-Eight, (Please Allow Me to Digress for a moment): My Class, One-Four Oh No! Was a ‘Summer’ Class–‘Bout One-Hundred ‘Poly-Wogs–Of Which 25 Graduated. My Class, One-Five Eight, A ‘Winter Class’ –Two years Later, Start, ‘Bout Seventy-Five– Graduated about 18–Sadly, I was NOT One Amongst Those MEN)

Ed. Note Winter Classes Are ALWAYS smaller. Only A Fool Would Willingly Attend a Winter BUD/s Class

Class 158 Had a contingent of Annapolis Officers

‘Shit-Birds’—As My USS Callaghan Master Chief Gunner Lovingly Referred to them.

Well, these Azzholes Were ALL Gung Ho—To Steal The USMC Vernac.

The Sunday, B4 We were to ‘Class-up On Monday, SEAL Tradition Demands a ‘Hair-Cut ‘Party’

We gather ‘round and we shave our heads.

To keep the sand and the bull-shit to a minimal.

Kegs O’ Beer, et cetera are imbibed.

It is a ‘Tradition, doan-cha-know?

The day before our ‘Hair-Cut Party,’ The Shit-Birds—er… Officers—Thought it would be ‘Great Fun’ To Print-Up Some Flyers to Throw at the Beach Babes as we did our last ‘Pre-Training’ Four-Mile Beach Run.

The Flyers Read:

“Come Join The Haircut Party”



Future SEALs From

“Class One-Five Eight”

Behind The BUD/s Barracks,


Sunday Noon!”

Be There


Be Square!”

Having already ‘Been to BUD/s and an alumnus of Class One-Forty,

I knew this





We Did our Last Beach Run and these Idiot Officers (In SEAL Training The Shit-Birds Do EveryThang The Enlisted Men Do)

Bad Idea!

The Idiot Shit Birds, threw out their lame-ass flyers at every Beach-Babe we encountered during our Final Beach Run of ‘Pre-Training’, Always Shouting out,

“You’re INVITED!”


Natch, The BUD/s Instructors Got Wind of this!

There are things and there are things one can do while attending BUD/s Training.

Assuming you will ‘Graduate’ is Never one-of-them.



Survival is just enuff.

“Oh God! Please Just Letz Me Make Just one-more-Day!”

“The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday:

The day we ‘Classed-Up, One of the Bud/s Instructors Waved around one of our ‘Flyers’


Does not even come close.

We Paid for That.


My Twice Failure At BUD/s

Has Forever defined Me as a ‘

Wanna-Be MAN’

If You Have NEVER Tested Your Limitations in-this-fashion,



You Have NOT Yet ‘Lived’





Best of BUD/s Instructors

To Be continued…

I Don’t Know What Went Wrong With Lance. I Cannot Fix Him–Believe Me: I Have Tried. Too Many Times. All Without Any Semblance of Success. I Don’t Know whether to Shit or go Blind

Guess I took a wrong turn at Albequerky

This is purported to be a long post, but now I Don’t know….

I Wish to write about my globe-trotting,

But I cannot right now.

I Have been everywhere (‘Cept South America)

I Have dirtied my boots on lots of continentals

I’ll git back to this




Bob Seger System “Ramblin Gamblin Man”

Live “Turn-On” 1970

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