Titty Bars and the YMCA–San Diego — Tongue Firmly Planted in Greek / Cheeek… I Forgot His Fuckin’ Name! I am such a Moron! Lance is Stupid! Run Tell That!


Creds: i fORGET


Back in the day (1986-7) when I was on the USS Callaghan DDG 994 and had more than a day of liberty (and before I had a vehicle)

I would ride the bus to downtown San Dog and hang out in the titty bars. I met a wonderful woman there… ‘nother long story… Maybe I will write her later…

There was an old YMCA close by–The kind of YMCA that still provided rooms for miscreants – mostly sailors, drunks, homeless, and gay folks.

When I had gotten too drunk in the titty bar and did not want to attempt to make it back to my rack on the Callaghan, I would crash at the Y.

I did NOT care that most of the ‘clientele’ were gay. I just wanted a place to crash. And I did.

Loved that YMCA. It was like something out of a more kinder past.


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