I’m Gonna Lie down for a Moment. In My Own Bed. In My Own Mouse-House. How Re-Freshing. How Unusual!

I Need the time.

Fresh Outta Dimes
So Sleep is My Only,

Lonely Option.

“Lay Down Beside Me”


The Proper Word is ‘Lie

Not ‘Lay

Chickens ‘Lay’ Eggs.

Humans ‘Lie’ in Beds.


Grammar! Grammar Grammar! G’Dammit!

Grammar Po-Lice Here!

Please forgive me

I would NEVER attempt to edit


Not in My

Wild’est fantasies!


Sleep No More!

Lance Hath Murder’d Sleep!

Hamlet or Macbeth.

I For’git

God’s Wisdom

(Apologies to Ogden Nash)

God in His wisdom let people die
God in His wisdom made them all fry

The People, they cried
Why Dear God Why?

God in His wisdom
All part of my Plan
Don’t ask me again
I am that I am

God in His wisdom
Boo Hoo and Boo Hoo

The People they cried,
Dear God, Oh Dear God,
Even We True?

God in His wisdom, Yes
Even you
God in His wisdom made sure we all knew

That God with His wisdom,
Is an Asshole
Tried and True Blue

And Jesus wept
Boo… Hoo!