Daily Lenny: Judge Sapperstein & This, Has Turned Into a Rant. Sorry…

Friends, Romans, (Progressive Texans) & Others:

(Don’t some of Y’all hate to be classified as ‘Others’?

Smacks of Intellectual Racism to me, but that’s just me.)

Don’t you fain to disclaim?

Me no Alamo!

How does it feel?

How does it feel?

How the fuck does it feel?

To be on the long side of the short fence?

For Real?

Lend Me Your Beers!

(And yer FB password. Trust Me. I’m with the Government.)

Here is your (once again belated) Daily Lenny:

And Thanks for Listening, wherever you are.

Let The Buyer Beware

And now I am gonna step out on a limb and say this:

I am with my Brothers and Sisters in the Ukraine.

Keep your eyes on the prize.

(And I do not speak that flippantly; I mean it. The whole world is watching)

Oh, and thanks for listening (Did I say that already?)

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Here is The Daily Lenny* On Obscenity

*New Idea for a “Cat-Oh-Glory”

Why Do I do that? It is so fucking stupid. There is really nothing clever there. It is just picking low fruit. (Difficult for ‘The Smartest Man in the Room‘ to Admit…)

Here is a vow to all who read me: I will refrain, in the future, from using, stupid, cute, puns, –and commas)

But I love commas.

Gonna be difficult, to abandon, them, them, commas.

This is how I speak: Sometimes I even say… “Well, this is this and that is that..(pregnant pause) comma.” I just throw it in there, as I cannot ‘write’ it at the time. Granted, I get some dumb looks, but it amuses me…”

“Hey Mavis! Come over he’ah! This Boy speaks punkuation! Y’all aint gonna b’leave this shit! Hey Boy! speak me sum mo’ grammers.”

Yep. Gonna be difficult to leave the commas.

(We shall discuss ellipsis… tomorrow…)



Most Certainly.

Will probably delete this tomorrow…

Read Fast

“Write Drunk: Edit Sober.”

–Hemingway (probably apocryphal)

(I’m down with the first; it’s the second I seem to struggle against)

However, I do hope some of you out there enjoy Lenny Bruce.

Jest Saying, In jest.

Let me know

(and soon)

Before I turn me into a newt.

Yeah, I know: acquired taste, but I just cannot help myself.

He makes me happy

*Warning: Obscene Shit Here*


P.S. My mind is a terrible thing.

And I do find me, ashamed of me.

By and by…