Fly Me to the Moon. Sleepy after five minutes. Falling Asleep in my Chair. Stream of Un-Conscientiousness

Falling into that world that is, yet not is…

That Nether World,

Which Doesn’t Exist,

Save Only In-My-Dreams

And for Any of Y’all Who wish to ‘Edit’ Me:

To My Fallow Writer

In-Sane ‘O-Tics:

Just Don’t.

Do Not attempt to Edit the Insane.

That could only end Badly.


Fly Me

‘Ole Blue Eyes

Cred: Frankie… Duh



I am a moron.

Just how I roll.

Ninety-Nine Percent of my Best Prose Never sees the Light of My… My… My Computer.

It just floats about in my head.

Lost in That Somnambulistic State of Glorious Oblivious Glee…


When I am lying to me in me bed, I ‘write’ some very, very, Very Great Shite.

Alas, It don’t make it to the transmission point.

Once awake, It is Gone.


Note to self: Keep a pen an’ pad next to Your Bed.-Instead


Some of my Best Posts languish away in my nether sleep



Golden Slumbers

“You Never Give Me Your Money, Only Your Situation”

Cred for Vid: el perro beatle


Note to Land-Lady:

The Money is Coming

On Monday

My Blow-Up Bed

My Life:

My Blow-Up Bed

Recently acquired a leak

My Blow- Up Bed No Longer Retains It’s “Overly Blown Up” Status–Much too My Chagrin

I Used to sleep twelve inches above the deck

Now I sleep under the deck

In the bilge compartment

With the Rats

Kiss My Ass Good’Bye

Rescue Mission

By Kris (Native Texan)

“We’ll Sail The Bloody Ocean Boys or

“Drink the Bastard Dry”

“I’m Just a simple sailor son with one more year to go”

“Somewhere There’s A Scooner Sinking Slowly In The West”

I Severely Miss My English Girlfriend

Only PPL Who Have Been to Britain Will Catch The Ref

My Life is Over

Bad News for me

I was so in love with my blow-up bed

And my English Girl Friend

Not so much no mas!

On both accounts

I’m Gonna Lie down for a Moment. In My Own Bed. In My Own Mouse-House. How Re-Freshing. How Unusual!

I Need the time.

Fresh Outta Dimes
So Sleep is My Only,

Lonely Option.

“Lay Down Beside Me”


The Proper Word is ‘Lie

Not ‘Lay

Chickens ‘Lay’ Eggs.

Humans ‘Lie’ in Beds.


Grammar! Grammar Grammar! G’Dammit!

Grammar Po-Lice Here!

Please forgive me

I would NEVER attempt to edit


Not in My

Wild’est fantasies!


Sleep No More!

Lance Hath Murder’d Sleep!

Hamlet or Macbeth.

I For’git