Could Someone, Anyone, Please Explain to Me Why My Mind Does NOT Seem To Work Properly Anymore?: My Recent “Adventure” With SPRINT….

I MAY Fill In The DETAILS Later,

But Don’t Count On It!


I’ll Endeavor To Edit This Later,

But Right Now Meow,

I Fear I Am Too Close To


And DEATH Always Takes Precedence

I May ah ha!

Have Lost Me Mind!

Cred: Aerosmith 


Did I ACTUALLY Write It?!

(I Plead The Filth!)


“Writing Process!”


I Got A Love Call From Sprint Today! (This IS A HAPPY UPBEAT POST. PLEASE ENJOY!)

They are sending me a brand-new four-hundred dollar telephone!

Absolutely for FREE!

Because they LOVE ME!

(All I have to do is activate it within two weeks of delivery–I think I can manage that!)

And I love My Life!

Ain’t LIFE Grand?!!!

My Life is a Cabaret!

Je suis enchanté!