Well… We Done Screwed The Pooch (UPDATED! May 9th: New Videos)

UPDATED! May 9th:  New Videos!


Might as well have some fun:

Texas – Style!

Best of Kinky Here

Bob Wills






Deep In The Heart of Texas

London Homesick Blues:

And just for fun:

Heeeer’s Molly, er Ann!

Okay, Now HERE’s MOLLY:

And Finally, To Close The Show: Give it up for Earnest!!


My Favorite Texan (Today Anyway)


What can I say?

Tanya (famous for ‘Tanya Moments’–dancin’ on tables an’ stuff–Gotta love Tanya!)

She ain’t no Kris Kristofferson, no poet,  but Damn! She embodies all that is Texas: Vain, rough, loud and proud!

Texas! A whole nuther country!