Texan Assholes

Or… to put it another way:

“I was sick a’you a long time before that. You keep no check on your appetites… makes you not fit to live with.”

–Melvin Douglas to Paul Newman “Hud.”

 A few of my favorite Texan Movie Clips in Honour of Texas Independence Day.

(Not all of us are assholes)

Hope you like them.

Please tell me of your favorite Texan – Based Movie. I know I have missed many… Bonnie and Clyde? Others?

Outside the sun is up

And the wind

Blows me like a paper cup

Down the highway

–B.W. Stevenson, Texan

I know there are some poets out there. Run with this one.

“An’ We Drank a lot of Whiskey”

I saw Willie live and in color, Commerce, ETSU Gym, Circa 1976.

David Allen Coe opened the show… for three hours.

Willie was late.


Didn’t Matter: I would have waited all night.

He opened (as always) with “Whiskey River”

The crowd went nuts and I spilled my Wild Turkey 101…







Well, I just got back from New York city; Kris and Rita done it all

“Rita Coolidge, Rita Coolidge cleft for me”


–Willie Nelson

Since it is still Texas Independence Day, I am gonna continue to bombast my Blog with Texans I admire.

Here is (in my mind) one of the greatest (and most misunderstood and underrated) Texans: Kris Kristofferson, Rhode’s Scholar, ruffian, redneck, poet.

He married well. Too bad it didn’t take. Rita Coolidge! He should have found a way to make that work…

My Favorite Texan (Today Anyway)


What can I say?

Tanya (famous for ‘Tanya Moments’–dancin’ on tables an’ stuff–Gotta love Tanya!)

She ain’t no Kris Kristofferson, no poet,  but Damn! She embodies all that is Texas: Vain, rough, loud and proud!

Texas! A whole nuther country!