Walking Around Bare-Foot’d On A Broken Wine-Glass Is Not A Pleasant Experience to Experience–Trust Me On This One Folks. I Know–From ‘Experience’

I Adore You Annie!

Best Line:

“I’m Livin’ In An Empty Room”

I Hear Ya Girl!

Yeah! I Crashed my Booze Glass

Had to draft it to be my spittoon

Shit Like This Happens.


In this Mouse-House O’ Mine

So What?

It’s Not Unusual:

Tom Jones “It’s Not Unusual” (April 21, 1968)

On The Ed Sullivan Show:


Wine Glass Broke All To Bits an’ Pieces.

Wine Shards All Over My Floor…


All Over-The Floor


I Must Drink

Directly Outta The Bottle

Even Mo’ Bettah!I

Actually Prefer This Way

(Cuts Our the Middle-Man)


Did This Prevent Me From Walkin’ All Over it?


I Enjoy To Bleed

It’s Cathartic