Left-Over Food. Left-Over Dreams. Fell Apart At The Seams. White Trash King! “Lance, Your’re An Idiot, Stupid Fuckin’ Moron” “Yeah, I Know. Got Any New News For me?”

Ed. Note: I Find It Hysterically Funny (And Apropos) That I Posted This On April Fool’s Day!

That’s Just Me


Lance A. ‘Bubba’ Marcom

The Man

The Myth

The Legend


Pure-D White Trash

Lance-A-Lot O’Trash:

Charter Member In Good Standing Of The


“National Association For The Advancement Of White Trash”

Just A Big Kid Havin’ Fun.

Don’t Take It Personal Y’all


“White Trash” – Tom MacDonald & Madchild

“Happy And Broke”


My Fridge:

Left On my Bed. Instead. No worries. I can sleep around it.

I’ve got enough left-over food (some weeks gone-by of age-Waste not. Want not!) in my fridge to ‘Feed Cox’s Army’

‘Feed Cox’s Army…’ An expression Janet (An EX) used to hurl at me upon often occasion.

Anyway… I got NO Room! No ROOM! For my Beer! But I don’t care!

I am sorta European in this regard.
I LOVE Warm Beer!

Yes! Yes! Yes! I know:

I am pure-dee Bona-Fide White Trash.

And I LOVE TV Dinners!

(If the sauce is not too blue)

Astute observers will note the

Ouija Board

in this video below


Added Value:

I Do LOVE Me Some Dixie Chicks


Caint Say ‘Dixie’ No Mas

My Bad

“White Trash Weddin'”

Bye Fer Now

Y’all come back now, ya he’ah

What-The-Ever-Lovin’-Fuk Has Exactly Happened Here? Honestly, I Cannot Make This Shit Up. This Is My So-Called Life.

And I Can’t Write For Shite! Punctuation is Just An Afterthought.

Oh Fuck This Post!

It Ain’t about Shit!

And Not Worth a Cup of Warm Spit

I am Over and Done With It!

This Post’s Time – Line is all outta sink.

(and ink)

Ya know what?

Take all the money in the bank;

I think I’ll Just stay here and ‘drank!’Merle Haggard!

You California-Transplanted Okie-Bastard–Ex-Con–

I Love You MORE Than Cash….


I hate writing!!

It’s a Pain in my ass!

TMI: I’ve had enema experiences that were more enjoyable than trying to write.


What Happened?

I Just took a short nap.

Then, Guess what?

I Have No Earthly Clue

Do You?

Oh, I Know.

Lance Happened

It’s The End Of My World As I Knew it,

But I Feel Fine!

Bye Bye Cruel World


What is Wrong With This Picture?


I Guess TV Dinners Are In My Immediate And Fore-seeable Future Future.

ZZ SpeakTo Me!

I May Need This Someday.

Probably Good to Keep it Handy

“Tales From The Fridge Crypt” or “My Refrigerator Frightens Me” Or “Nightmare On My Street”

I Really Should Practice Better

Fridge Hygiene


It’s Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

And It’s How I Get My Greens

And The Blues

But Y’all Know:

A Sailor Will Eat




ZZ Top TV Dinners

I Even Like The Chicken If The Sauce Is Not Too Blue”




The Most DISGUSTING Fridges On Kitchen Nightmares

Cred: Gordon Ramsay


Just Eat It Asshole!

Cred: Weird Al


What Happens If You Eat Mold?

Credit: What If